Titanfall 2 - Boosts

Titanfall 2 - Boosts

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Boosts are the natural replacement for Burn Cards in Titanfall 2. They offer players unique "perks" that can swing a confrontation in the right direction for the consuming player.

If you think back to the original game, Burn Cards were like "wildcards" that players hid up their sleeves, ready to pull them out to a massive advantage. Most burn cards where OTT, in particular the cards such as Reserve Ogre which gave players an instant Titanfall or Map Hack which permanently revealed all players on the map.

New cards were earned through challenges and up to three cards could be pre-selected before a match, with only one card being active per spawn. There were no requirements to earn the Burn Card, they simply sat in your inventory until activated.

Thankfully in Titanfall 2, Burn Cards have been replaced by Boosts which are more like the traditional killstreak system in other games. Players have to earn their Boost before it becomes available, thus stopping players from immediately having an advantage before a match even gets going.

Boosts List

The list below contains all of the known Boosts in Titanfall 2:

  • Amped Weapons - Supercharges both your primary and secondary weapons for a short duration.
  • Ticks - Deploy 2 x spider like drones that actively seek out enemies before self-detonating.
  • Pilot Sentry - anti-personnel automated turret. 1 minute life time
  • Map Hack - reveal all enemies to team
  • Battery Back-Up - get a free battery
  • Radar Jammer - Scramble the enemies radar
  • Titan Sentry - automated anti-titan sentry. 1 minute duration
  • Smart Pistol - auto lockon pistol. Two 12 round magazines
  • Phase Rewind - teleport to a location visited shortly before use
  • Hard Cover - protective shield for pilots
  • Holo Pilot Nova - create multiple copies of yourself
  • Dice Roll - randomly picks any of the other boosts

How to Use

Boosts are selectable from the loadout screen, pre-match. Players can only choose one Boost per loadout.

During a match, players receive points for good deeds; e.g. pilot kills, bounties, Titan hits etc. You don't have to necessarily kill things to earn points. As an example, I was able to fire my Charge Rifle several times at a Titan and still received $16 per hit and a little bump to the Titan meter.

As you receive points, the blue meter in the bottom left hand corner increases. There are two distinct markers on the meter; one for Boosts and another for Titans. You receive the Boost roughly 70% of the way to receiving the Titan (which is when the meter is at 100%).

Boost meter

The image below shows the blue "meter", it is two thirds full. Take note of the little spider icon besides the meter, this is the Ticks Boost I had pre-selected:

Boost meter

Once you've collected enough points, the blue bar surpasses the Tick icon, signifying that the Boost is now ready to use. Simply press left on the D-Pad to use the Boost.

Boost ready

How to unlock new Boosts

New Boosts are unlocked through a variety of mechanisms such as levelling up, completing the single player campaign and also performing impressive deeds. Once we have more information on each of the Boosts, I will list the requirements to unlock each of them.

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