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Time Control Remote Mod for Minecraft

Time Control Remote Mod for Minecraft
A great mod that allows you to speed up or slow down the game at any time. Make time pass quickly so you can sprint faster or slow time down when you want to avoid an aggressive mob.

Large screenshot for Time Control Remote Mod for Minecraft

Controlling time is achieved by crafting the new time control remote, much like a remote control for your DVD player. Make time pass twice as quick or even four times faster. Similarly, slow time down so it's four times slower. Just right click to adjust the speed.

To create the new time control remote you will need:

  • 4 diamonds
  • 4 gold
  • 1 button

Place the diamonds in the four corners of the crafting grid, the gold in the space around the edges and the button in the middle.

The time control device affects anything in the game that depends on time. This includes walking, sprinting, breaking blocks, how fast the sun rises and sets and other mobs.

Matrix Remote

If you want, you can upgrade the remote to the matrix remote. This remote will allow you to slow down everything else (ten times slower) but you still play the game at the normal speed. This is excellent for avoiding arrows, fireballs etc.. To create the matrix remote you will need 4 extra diamonds. Place the remote in the center of the grid and the diamonds above, below and on the sides. Then play Minecraft just like you're in the Matrix film!

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Price: $0
Size: 3MB
Released: 05/2012
Type: freewareCategory: Games

OS Support: Latest version(s) of Minecraft
Keywords: minecraft, minecraft mod


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