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All Undead Bone Shard Locations (Estus Flask Upgrades)

All Undead Bone Shard Locations (Estus Flask Upgrades)

The Estus Flask might seem like a fairly ordinary item but considering how insanely difficult Dark Souls 3 is you'll be wishing for extra health regen more often than not. In this guide I'll show you exactly where to find all 10 of the Undead Bone Shards to max out your Estus Flask and gain maximum health recovery at all times.

Undead Bone Shards are like white chunks of bone which you can use at the Firelink bonfire to raise the bonfire level. In turn this will make your Estus flask more effective and restore more health points per use. Using Bone Shards is the best way to increase your healing powers and survive for much longer in the unforgiving world of DS3.

Where to find Undead Bone Shards

These shards are randomly scattered around the game world but always in the same location. Sometimes you'll see them plain and clear but at other times they're secretly hidden from view behind closed doors, under bridges and behind secret walls.

Once you get a Bone Shard take it to the Firelink bonfire sit down and throw the shard into the fire.

1. Dilapidated Bridge

Dilapidated Bridge - Undead Bone Shard

From the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire in the Undead Settlement venture forth following the path down below, eventually through the archway, uphill slightly. Take a right hwne you see the tree and spikes in the ground, jump the small gap and at the ledge on your left you will see the Bone Shard.

2. Cleansing Chapel

Cleansing Chapel - Undead Bone Shard

From the Cleansing Chapel bonfire in the Cathedral of the Deep, exit the chapel door venture up the stairs past the shrine and through the gate into the cemetery. Follow the path, take a sharp right after a few seconds and drop down to the lower level (quite a high drop). Circle round the edge of the cliff edge, it's a small path but follow it uphill towards the small bridge crossing the gap. Take the bridge and then carefully note the route:

  1. Take 3 x flights of stairs leading up
  2. When you see the two trees, take a right
  3. Take the stairs down a level
  4. You should see the Shard near the edge of the tomb, there's a huge cliff drop here so be careful

3. Keep Ruins

Keep Ruins - Bone Shard

From the Keep Ruins bonfire in the Road of Sacrifices go outside, follow the path leading down, then take a sharp right towards the small circular building. It's full of slugs so kill them first and claim the Bone Shard inside.

4. Abyss Watchers

Abyss Watchers - Bone Shards

From the Abyss Watchers bonfire in the Road of Sacrifices venture forth and down to the lower level. Stay to the left and follow the route left, then at the end take a right and follow the long bridge. Keep going past the skeletons and into the room, veer right and down another level, eventually outside and then down another longer level.

You should see a large rolling ball, use good timing and get inside the next room. At the end of the room, near the cell door is the Shard.

5. High Lord Wolnir

High Lord Wolnir - Bone Shard

From the High Lord Wolnir bonfire in the Catacombs of Carthus backtrack out of the room, follow the path leading underground. Smash the rope bridge so it falls down then climb down the edge of the cliff.

At the bottom take a left and another sharp left inside. Turn right and go past the big guy that's on fire. Head through the tunnel entrance and further underground. Take a right and continue straight leading underground even further. You should be in a large open area, like an underground swamp but with fire and huge worms (near the Abandoned Tomb bonfire)

Venture left through the swamp and follow the route, then turn right (do not go up the stairs into the building), follow the route further then take another left turn underground again.

There should be some tree roots to show you're going the right way. Keep going further and further underground until you see the monsters throwing balls of fire at you. This is the right place now.

The Shard is in the corner of this room, near candles (see image).

6. Abandoned Tomb

Abandoned Tomb - Bone Shard

From the Abandoned Tomb bonfire in the Catacombs of Carthus head outside to the swamp area. Kill the huge worm enemy and he should drop a Bone Shard for you keeping.

7. Church of Yorshka

Church of Yorshka - Bone Shard

From the Church of Yorshka bonfire in the Irithyll of the Boreal Valley follow the route underground and outside into the dark woods. Take a sharp right and round the side of the wall. There is a tomb with a single enemy with bright red eyes. Kill that guy and take the Bone Shard behind the grave.

8. Profaned Capital

Profaned Capital - Bone Shard

From the Profaned Capital bonfire in Irithyll Dungeon simply pick up the shard next to the bonfire.

9. Dragon Barracks

Dragon Barracks - Bone Shard

From Dragon Barracks in Lothric Castle head up the stairs towards the dragon, cross the bridge but before you reach the end drop down underneath it. Claim the shard there.

10. Grand Archives

Grand Archives - Bone Shard

From Grand Archives at Lothric Castle head up the two flights of stairs, turn right and head straight. Turn left and take the lift up one level. Take the left door upstairs towards the wizards and eventually leading outside.

You need to get to the rooftops area and run along them to reach the tall circular room with stain glass windows (leaf patterns). It's a fairly long journey and there's a nasty guy with wings that'll chase you with his spear. Head inside the room with the stain glass windows once you find it and take the Shard is on the same level.

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