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Full Achievements List

Full Achievements List

The full achievements list for Fallout 4 has appeared online, two weeks ahead of the arrival of the post apocalyptic game. There's a total of 50 achievements in the collection with a few spoilery names so only continue reading if you don't mind being spoiled (a little).

Let's take a look at some of the important achievements in the list and explain what some of the hard to decipher achievements actually mean.

Achievement Categories

Highest level achievement

First up, the highest level achievement (platinum Trophy) is for successfully completing all of the other 50 achievements in the game. Self explanatory really but a sizeable feat considering the game time required to complete the game and reach Level 50.

Story / Missions

Welcome home signpost

There are 18 achievements for story like missions such as Underground Undercover, Taking Independence and Nuclear Family. These achievements are the lower level rewards (bronze trophies) but relate to story activities and milestones. The achievements for story missions are shown below with each name corresponding to a story/mission name:

  • When Freedom Calls
  • Unlikely Valentine
  • Reunions
  • Dangerous Minds
  • Hunter/Hunted
  • The Molecular Level
  • The Nuclear Option
  • Institutionalized
  • Mankind-Redefined
  • Powering Up
  • Nuclear Family
  • Taking Independence
  • Old Guns
  • Blind Betrayal
  • Ad Victoriam
  • Underground Undercover
  • Rockets' Red Glare
  • Sanctuary


Fallout 4 has several factions that you can join, three of which are mentioned in the achivements list. Joining a faction has several advantages including new quests and sometimes companions. There are achievements for joining each of these factions which are named as follows:

  • The First Step - Join the Minutemen
  • Semper Invicta - Join the Brotherhood of Steel
  • Tradecraft - Join the Railroad

Side Quests and Objectives

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There are two main achievements for side quests and objectives. However, the details for Gun-For-Hire reveal that there could only be 10 side quests in Fallout 4. However, it's likely that Bethesda have hidden extra quests without any associated achievements.

  • Gun-For-Hire - Complete 10 Side Quests
  • Mercenary - Complete 50 Misc. Objectives


bladed baseball bat

These are a mixture of milestones related to typical Fallout activities such as crafting, lockpicking, discovering new locations and building workshop items.

  • Scavver - Gather 1000 Resources Used For Crafting
  • What's Yours Is Mine - Pick 50 Locks
  • RobCo's Worst Nightmare - Hack 50 Terminals
  • Armed and Dangerous - Create 50 Weapon Mods
  • Wasteland D.I.Y. - Craft 100 Items
  • Never Go It Alone - Recruit 5 Separate Companions
  • Lovable - Reach Maximum Relationship Level with a Companion
  • Fix-Er-Upper - Build 100 Workshop Items
  • Future Retro - Play a Holotape Game
  • Ranger Corps - Discover 100 Locations
  • Print's Not Dead - Read 20 Magazines


Two of the mysterious achievements (Homerun and Touchdown) have been revealed to be a particular style of attack rather than an actual sports game. For example, the Homerun achievement is rewarded by decapitating an enemy using a baseball bat. You'll need the Strength perk in order to get this achievement.

The other achievements in this category are simply milestones for killing a particular creature X number of times. However, note the inclusion of Giant Creatures which are BOSS style creatures and naturally harder to defeat than other foes.

  • ...The Harder They Fall - Kill 5 Giant Creatures
  • Masshole - Kill 300 People
  • Animal Control - Kill 300 Creatures
  • Prankster's Return - Placed A Grenade Or Mine While Pickpocketing
  • Homerun! - Get a Homerun
  • Touchdown! - Get a Touchdown


These rare collectible items provide some interesting benefits, usually in the form of a SPECIAL level boost or entirely new perks. Considering there is an achievement to collect 20 bobbleheads and there are only 10 levels for each SPECIAL, we can assume that the remaining bobbleheads will provide something else...something secret.

  • They're Not Dolls... - Collect 10 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads
  • ...They're Action Figures - Collect 20 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads


Your standard RPG level achievements are included in Fallout 4, split between 4 milestones. One for 5, 10, 25 and lastly 50.

  • Born Survivor - Reach Level 5
  • Commonwealth Citizen - Reach Level 10
  • Unstoppable Wanderer - Reach Level 25
  • Legend Of The Wastes - Reach Level 50

Final Story / Mission

A big spoiler for this achievement reveals that players will decide the fate of the commonwealth at the end of Fallout 4. Although we know that the open world never ends, it's going to be like a Witcher 3 type scenario where the story stops but the world still exists.

  • Prepared for the Future - Decide the Fate of the Commonwealth

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