Far Cry 5 - Easter Eggs and Secrets

Far Cry 5 - Easter Eggs and Secrets

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Like all good Ubisoft games, Far Cry 5 contains a handful of great Easter Eggs to discover. In this guide you'll find map locations and details for each of the Easter Eggs in the game, including subtle movie references, throwback outfits, an alternate ending and many others.

New Easter Eggs will be added to the list below once discovered.

Stephen King's IT Movie Reference

IT Movie Easter Egg

Stephen King's IT movie was notorious for giving kids nightmares during the 90's (myself included) and the remake last year was a worldwide box office hit. This Easter Egg is a great reference to the movie and in particular the dark sewer tunnels where the clown would often hide. Ubisoft have even included one of IT's famous red balloons outside the entrance, leaving no doubt what this tunnel refers to.

IT Movie Easter Egg map location

This Easter Egg is located exactly between Lamb of God Church and Rye & Son Aviation, both of which are in John's Region of the world map. If you can't see these locations on the map, look for the alien crop circle (it looks like an alien hand) and this EE is to the east, at the circular road junction.

Secret Ending

Opening mission

Just like Far Cry 4, you can actually finish FC5 in less than 10 mins thanks to a secret ending. It's a very simple Easter Egg and one which you can do right from the start. There are no trophies for doing this Easter Egg though and you'll simply return to the main menu afterwards.

Here's how to do it...

From the opening mission (inside the church) rather than putting the cuffs on the father, chose to do nothing. Just stand there and wait about 2 mins as the screen prompts you to press the button to arrest the father. Soon enough, the cutscene will change - watch for yourself what happens!

Alien Side Quest and Secret Weapon


There's one particular weapon in the game which is way out of place, and I love Ubisoft for doing this. You may have already seen the peculiar alien-like weapon in the Special category of the shop? Known as the Magnopulser, this weapon is a reward for an X-Files style quest that takes place in John's Region of the map.

For full details on unlocking this item see the /news/far-cry-5-how-to-get-the-magnopulser-secret-gravity.aspx.

Far Cry 3 Omega and Rainbow 6 Siege Outfits

Far Cry 3 Omega outfit

Two of Ubisoft's most beloved games, Far Cry 3 and Rainbow 6 Siege, both have Easter Egg outfits that players can unlock. Not a huge mystery since the requirements are wide open for anyone to see but these two are well worth a mention here, especially the cool looking Omega outfit.

How to unlock

  • Omega Blood Dragon Outfit - Complete a great side quest in Faith's Region, south eastern side. Due east of Hope County Jail by the Grimalkin Radon Mines. Talk to the film director about his blood dragon movie to begin the quest.
  • Rainbow 6 Siege Outfit - It's free! Simply sign up for the Ubisoft club account and unlock it from there.

Singing Bass Fish

Singing Bass Fish

Located in the northern half of Faith's Region at Peaches Taxidermy. Enter the house with the white door and yellow Peaches Taxidermy sign, turn immediately right once inside and take note of the fish on the side. Walk up and interact with the fish to start playing a catchy song and watch as the little fella starts to dance!

I’ve got a funny feeling the dancing bass was also an Easter Egg in Far Cry 4.

Bigfoot (Yeti)

Bigfoot sighting on notice board

Far Cry 4 had the infamous Yeti Easter Egg and by the look of it, Far Cry 5 also has a Bigfoot creature too. There are several notice boards around the map with reported sightings of Sasquatch and even a map alluding to the location of the beast in a cabin in Henbane River Chalet

I’ve included one of the notice boards above but so far, Bigfoot remains elusive. There may be a special trigger or side quest to get him to appear, or maybe Ubisoft are gating this creature behind a future update. Should I discover new leads then I’ll update this section.

More Easter Eggs coming soon...