Far Cry 5 - How to Get the Magnopulser Secret Gravity Weapon

Far Cry 5 - How to Get the Magnopulser Secret Gravity Weapon

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The Magnopulser is one of the few secret weapons in Far Cry 5 but unlike other special weapons it really is pure science fiction. In this guide you'll learn exactly how to unlock this alien-like weapon and enjoy some anti-gravity fun!

Looking back at Far Cry 4, there were a handful of highly sought after weapons too, including the flamethrower, elephant gun, and a great list of overpowered Signature weapons. At its core, Far Cry 5 also contains an extensive range of weapons, including everything from throwing knives and slingshots to the hunter bow and heavy rocket launchers, There are even stationary mortars you can use and many throwables like C4, molotov cocktails, grenades and smoke grenades.

One particular class of weaponry, known as Specials, contains a small but highly sought after arsenal. Special weapons in Far Cry 5 include the Compound Bow, Flamethrower, Recurve Bow, Slingshot and Magnopulser.

What Does the Magnopulser Do

Magnopulser gameplay screenshot

Of all of the Special weapons there's one which really rules them all! Known as the Magnopulser, this sci-fi weapon alters gravity, allowing you to fling enemies out of the way with a powerful gravitational force. Think of the Fallout universe and you'll be much closer to the reality of this weapon.

With a solid black coating and a circular appearance, the Magnopulser isn't particularly large nor does it appear to be heavy. It shines with a bright yellow glow when charged, before unleashing it's powerful blast directly in front of the player.

If any of you have played Treyarch's Call of Duty zombies mode you'll be familiar with the Thunder Gun. This weapon was capable of flinging groups of zombies out of the way with a powerful air blast. The Magnopulser behaves in a very similar manner, pushing enemies a short distance and even tossing them off open top vehicles.

How to Get the Magnopulser

Magnopulser weapon on floor during side quest

The Magnopulser is a special weapon that's actually locked behind a series of interesting special quests. These side quests start in the Southern Region of Holland Valle.

Alien Side Quests

Free Larry side quest map location

Take a look at the map location shown above, this is the location for the "Free Larry" quest which leads to a series of quests that ultimately ends with you unlocking the Magnopulser. The first side mission (Free Larry) is in John's Region of the world map, located between the Lamb of God Church and Falls End. Speak to Larry to start the quest.

Below are each of the sides quests you must complete:

Free Larry

  • Deactivate Generators - located each of the generators and interact to turn them off. Just follow the cables to find each of them.
  • Speak to Larry - this starts the Hero's Journey side quest.

The Hero's Journey

  • Destroy the satellite dishes - locate the tower, grapple up and shoot each of the dishes on the side of the tower. Enter Larry's helicopter to finish the rest off.
  • Secure the area - clear the enemies from Larry's home and wait for him to land. This activates the Close Encounters side quest.

Close Encounters

  • Collect Alien Objects - follow each of the yellow markers to collect the alien objects which are spread around the area.

Out of this world

  • Override the electrical panel - simply follow the yellow marker to the power grid and interact with the control panel inside the small building.
  • Electrical transformers rerouted - again, simply follow the yellow markers and interact with each of the levers. Be very quick here as you'll come under heavy fire soon.
  • Talk to Larry - return to Larry and talk to him.
  • Power the Generator - interact with the generator to activate the electrical machine.

At the end of this quest you'll unlock the Magnopulser in the shop along with Larry Parker's pants. The "Science Fact" Trophy/Achievement is also gained.