Far Cry 5 - Secret Stash Locations and How to Find Them

Far Cry 5 - Secret Stash Locations and How to Find Them

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Secret stashes are the best place to find free money, weapons, perks and so much more. In this guide we discuss how secret stashes work in Far Cry 5, including their various locations and exactly how to gain entry and claim the valuable loot.

With Far Cry 5, Ubisoft have taken the decision to remove the old fashioned "radar towers" which players had to climb and conquer to reveal a portion of the map. Possibly as a consequence of this decision, the game now has the introduction of "stashes". These secretive areas, which are typically hard to find and sometimes guarded, contain sizeable amounts of loot that make their discovery and puzzle solving element well worth the effort.

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How to Find a Secret Stash

By their very nature, stashes are hidden locations on the map that remain invisible until either the player stumbles across their location or learns information leading to their discovery. For example, it's possible to talk to NPC's who will inadvertently reveal information about a neighbours secret stash, thus pinpointing the exact location on the map. Other stashes are revealed through side quests.

No matter what the form of discovery, a stash is always marked on the world map with a Jewel or Crystal icon, highlighting that a treasure is located in the nearby area. However, upon arriving at the stashes location it's entirely up to you to pinpoint the final loot which is often behind locked doors or hard to reach areas with puzzle elements.

What loot can you get

A hidden stash can contain any number of items and the rewards generally scale upwards as you explore the more dangerous regions of the map. The list below shows some of the loot you can expect to collect:

  • Ammo (inc Special ammo)
  • Weapons
  • Grenades and other throwables
  • Perk magazines
  • Money
  • Maps

Stash Puzzle Solutions - Examples

Stash area

Every stash has some puzzle element, usually involving gaining entry to the locked (safe) area of the stash. A sequence of levers, buttons or locks will usually prevent you from gaining direct entry. The perfect way to explain about stash puzzles is to give an example or two...

Example 1 - Keycard entry and fire puzzle

After arriving at a particular stash you find a locked door that cannot be picked or blown open. These locked doors are commonplace in Far Cry 5 and a keycard is required to unlock them. Searching the nearby area you discover a dead body, with the collectible keycard on the floor.

The puzzle is not over yet though. After entering through the locked door you find a pullable lever that upon activation ignites the entire room in flames. There's only one safe room in here that protects you from the flames otherwise it's instant death. Once the flames have died down, the stash safe is unlocked and you've got free dibs on any loot hidden inside.

Example 2 - Inaccessible door and sniping puzzle

The second stash is tightly held inside a tower structure. There appears to be an inaccessible door with no key hole or means of entry. Leaving the tower and inspecting the adjacent room with a scoped weapon or the binoculars reveals that a hidden button is on the wall. Shooting this button opens the stash door leading to the loot. You return to the tower and cleanup all the loot on offer.

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