Far Cry 5 - The Best Perks (Skills) to Unlock

Far Cry 5 - The Best Perks (Skills) to Unlock

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Far Cry 5 contains a large number of perks (skills) that are spread across five categories: Survivalist, Assassin, Stealth, Renegade and Leader. Players progressively unlock skills to improve various gameplay aspects such as inventory space, crafting, guns for hire, combat etc.

New perks are unlocked by spending Perk Points, which are a unique currency specifically designed for purchasing skills. Unlike in previous Far Cry games, perks are no longer unlocked through XP progression but are instead acquired via Challenges or collectible Perk Magazines. Each Challenge in the game rewards the player with x number of Perk Points. These points can be spent on perks the player desires the most. Secret stashes are also a great way to gain Perk Points thanks to the Perk Magazines hidden inside.

Like in most RPG games, skills are not only divided into categories but are also woven into trees and branches, with many skills having prerequisite skills that must be unlocked first. This is basic stuff which helps to prevent the best skills being unlocked straight away. Players must decide how to spend their points best, critically judging the weakest elements of their gameplay and boosting those forward. Early skills such as those in the Survivalist branch are relatively cheap, whilst the Prepper and Leader sections are the most expensive.

So which skills are the best ones to unlock in Far Cry 5? Let's take a look in detail below...

Best Perks

Perk icons

*The number of skill points required to unlock each perk are shown in brackets.


Fisher King (4) - Catch fish faster and also catch heavier fish. The Fisher King perk will Increases the amount of meat (money) you can make per hour, thus helping you trade in larger quantities and purchase better weapons and vehicles more quickly.

King of the Jungle (6) - Animals attack other enemies first and you take less damage from animal attacks. Useful if you want to go down the bait farming method to collect skins and animal meat to sell to merchants.

Harvest Master (8) - Double the loot from plants and animals. Again, another great perk for increasing the rate at which you can collect animal skins and meat for sale.

Health Boost I, II, III - - Increases health by 150%, 200% etc. Your basic health increase perks are important for surviving, especially later in the game when sustained damage is inevitable.


Wingsuit (4) - Deploy a wingsuit, allowing you to glide great distances across the map. With limited money early in the game, the wingsuit is a great and cheap way to transverse the map and even launch surprise attacks from above.

Heavy Weapons Mastery (6) - Improve reload speed, aim and weapon switching while using a heavy weapon. Once you've built up your arsenal, the Weapons Mastery perks are a great addition. Whether you choose the Heavy, Rifle, Close Combat or Pro Mastery skill is up to you, but pick the one which matches your prefered playstyle and equipped weapons.

Auto Repair (6) - All vehicles you drive will automatically repair themselves Losing vehicles is not fun, particularly when you need to transverse a large area of the map or take on large groups of enemies.


Locksmith (6) - Allows you to unlock locked doors (except for those that require a keycard). Behind most of these locked doors lies loot such as cash, Perk Magazines, weapons, ammo etc. making the Locksmith perk a wise investment early in the game.


Journey Pack (7) - Carry more items in your inventory including up to 5 medkits. Having the ability to store more medkits is a big advantage, especially later in the game when gunfights are usually long and drawn out affairs.

Heavy Ammo Bag (9) - Carry more ammo for heavy weapons such as LMG, Flamethrower, Rocket Launcher etc. Another late game choice but the LMG's have always been great in Far Cry and having extra ammo is a no brainer. If you prefer other weapon types then of course choose the ammo bag that suits your equipped weapons.

Additional Holster (8) - Carry a third weapon. Probably a mid to late game choice but what a great one it is. Having a third weapon in your wheel makes it easy to switch between sniper, close combat and heavy, depending on the situations that arise.


Leadership (6) - Unlock an additional slot in your squad allowing you to play with two Guns for Hire in single player. Calling in twice as much fire power is obviously going to let you dominate anything the game throws at you, particularly the final few missions.