Far Cry 5 - The Best Unlimited Money Farming Location and Method

Far Cry 5 - The Best Unlimited Money Farming Location and Method

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Money is a major obstacle in Far Cry 5 but with this unlimited money farming method you'll have thousands of dollars in less than an hour. The guide shows you the best location for farming money together with tips on the appropriate weapons and perks to maximize success.

With extra money to spare, you can freely purchase some of the best weapons in the game including the SA50 Free State sniper rifle, M-79 Shark Shooter shotgun or even the SPAS-12 Flame Out. Not to mention amazing helicopters and planes such as the Kaumbat R-31 Air Buzzer or the Wildfire plane with it's arsenal of machine gun, fire bombs and rockets.

Hopefully you have already seen my other post on earning money quickly in Far Cry 5. One particular tip is to kill animals and sell their skins to a nearby shop. This is arguably the best way to make money in the game since it's repeatable and fairly easy to do. The key is knowing the best location and method. The guide below will explain exactly how to do it.

Getting Setup

Farming Location

Farming location

Far Cry 5 has a large selection of animals to track down and hunt. Skins from any animal can be sold at a shop for hard cash. The world map has dedicated markers for each of the animal locations that you have discovered but funnily enough the best location is an unmarked one.

Take a look at the image above which shows the eastern side of Faith's region. There are roaming hills here, with no obvious threat from enemies and a wild open space to hunt animals. It's a great place to throw down some bait and lure Bisons and other animals with expensive skins.

The red marker above shows the exact location on the map, this is east of Peaches Taxidermy and south east of Drubman Marina, halfway up Raptor Peak. If you don't have any Fast Travel points unlocked in this area, consider using a helicopter and maybe the parachute perk to drop safely down from above.

Weapons to choose

AK-M weapon

Farming large animals requires a fairly beefy weapon, such as mid range assault rifle, shotgun or sniper rifle. My recommended choice is always to take a sniper that can one or two shot animals. This reduces the chance of being killed and makes the farming more efficient.

Depending what stage you're at in the game, I'd recommend having the Additional Holster perk unlocked (8 points) and the appropriate Ammo Bag perks which extend the amount of ammunition you can carry. Running out of ammo reduces the effectiveness of this method and thus should be avoided.

Farming Perks

Harvest perk

There's one perk which is an absolute must for gaining tons of money. Known as the "Harvest Master, this Survivalist perk will double your rewards from harvesting plants and animals. Basically meaning you'll get double skins from dead animals, aka "double money".

If you don't have 8 points to spare then I'd strongly suggest going after some Prepper Stashes first to get those perk magazines.

Another great perk for this farming method is the "Journey Pack" of the Prepper skill path. Costing 7 points, this perk increases your inventory storage, allowing you to carry more skins.

Farming Guide

Sniper shooting Bison

Travel to the Raptor Peak location shown above and look for Bison roaming here. The skins from these animals are worth $200 a piece and thus very valuable. Bison usually roam in packs too, meaning that two or three can be collected in a short space of time.

When looting a dead animal, take the additional Bait item and throw it onto the ground in the same area. Wait for new animals such as Cougar, Bears and Wolves to spawn, loot and repeat this step again. Keep repeating as long as you have bait and ammo left.

Remember, only use one piece of Bait at a time and wait to collect loot before throwing the next piece. There is absolutely no point in throwing several pieces of bait all at once.

Drubman Marina shop shown on map

Once you're out of bait or ammo, return to the nearest shop, "Drubman Marina" to the north west. Sell your skins, purchase ammo if required, and quickly return to the Raptor Peak to start the farming process all over again.

It's possible to collect 1000's of dollars every trip and even rack up $10,000 in an hour.