Far Cry 5 - How to Make Money Fast

Far Cry 5 - How to Make Money Fast

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Money is even more important in Far Cry 5 compared to the older games, mostly because Ubisoft have done away with the need for crafting materials to make weapons. Instead, players spend hard earned cash in return for new weapons and even vehicles such as cars, trucks and planes.

There's also the concept of Gold Weapons or Signature Weapons, these are the most expensive (and most deadly) weapons in the game, costing far more than a standard version of the same weapon. To unlock and purchase Gold Weapons you'll need a huge sum of cash!!

How do you earn money


Put simply, there are two main ways of earning money in the game.

The first comes from treasure hunts or hidden stashes. These secret stashes are well hidden and without the right clues you could be searching for quite some time. Once found, players must solve a simple puzzle to gain entry into the hidden area and open the hidden stash. This is not always easy since most are booby trapped or guarded.

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Once discovered, a hidden stash will almost always contain a selection of weapons, magazines, perk points and of course money! The sum of money is substantial enough to make hidden stashes one of the most profitable activities for getting money quickly.

Hidden stash

The second primary way to earn money is to sell animal skins or meat. This is where things have really been changed in Far Cry 5. Skins and meat are no longer needed for crafting recipes such as ammo pouches or storage bags - they are instead sold to merchants (NPC's) around the world in return for money.

Depending on the animal in question, the merchant will offer you a sum of money. Rare animals offer you the most money but of course these are harder to find simply due to a lower number of spawn points and a much lower spawn rate. At a basic level though, the more skins and meat you have to sell, the more money you'll make.

Perks (skills) that help

Perk example

There are a handful of perks to help you earn money faster. These are explained below:

Survival - Fisher King

This skill improves the speed at which you catch fish and also increases the chance of catching heavier fish. If we're looking for money quickly then both catching more fish and also catching bigger fish to sell, are going to be a great help.

Survivalist - King of the Jungle

With this skill, animals attack other enemies first and you take less damage from animal attacks. If you're going to be frequently baiting the area then animal attacks will be part and parcel of the money farming tactic.

Survivalist - Harvest Master

Double the loot from plants and animals. An excellent skill for making fast cash. The Harvest Master perk doubles the loot you collect from plants and animals. Whilst we don't really care about plants here, gaining double the loot from animals means more skins and more meat to sell. The skill will also provide a better chance of farming animals since double bait means more chances to lure out animals.

Bait farming

Although it's possible to find animals in their natural habitat by chance, the best way to lure animals out is by using bait. Players can simply throw bait on the floor and wait patiently as nearby beasts appear.

Caution must be used since spawned animals frequently attack the player. Use appropriate firepower to kill off the animal and collect the skins or meat. If you're lucky enough to collect more meat, it's simply a free ticket to luring more animals into the area and "farming" more money.

Repeat this process as you gradually deplete your bait supplies but increase your skins. Remember to use "cheap" meat (with a low monetary value) to lure animals and keep hold of the high value meat you acquire.

When ready, take your collected resources back to a nearby merchant and redeem for a handsome pile of cash, ready to purchase your next favourite weapon or vehicle.

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Don't forget fishing

Catching fish

Bait trapping is a steady and reliable way to earn skins and meat to trade for cash. The big downside is that animals will attack you in the process, potentially reducing your health or even killing you. So let's take a look at a great alternative - fishing!

Not only is fishing safe but it's also fun too. Fish that you catch can also be returned to a merchant (shop) and traded for hard earned cash. Consider unlocking the Survivalist fishing skill to improve your chances of catching larger fish which sell for a higher fee.

The Far Cry 5 map is quite expansive and although lakes and rivers are fairly easy to spot, they might not be the best fishing spots around. As you loot nearby houses, keep an eye out for fishing magazines which when picked up will reveal nearby fishing "hotspots". These hotspots contain the best fishing areas with the greatest chance of catching big fish.

Other quick tips

  • When capturing Outposts, remain undetected for a bonus cash reward ($1000).
  • Always loot dead enemies to take small amounts of cash
  • Avoid purchasing ammo from shops unless absolutely necessary
  • Try and craft utility items instead of buying them
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