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SQL Server 2008 Interview Questions for Support Technicians

These interview questions cover the support side of SQL Server 2008. Including questions on various aspects of SQL Server such as the SQL Server agent, using SQL Server Management Studio, database roles, backups and general support.

We wrote these questions for other IT professionals looking to get some practice in before attending their next interview or sitting a technical test. They are suitable for consultants, temp staff or full time permanent roles.

If the job involves using SQL Server 2008 then these questions should help you out..

Interview Questions

1. SQL Server Agent is commonly used to schedule work to be done automatically, such as backing up a database. A SQL Server Agent job contains the definition of the work to be done. Which of the following is FALSE regarding SQL Server jobs?

Each job can be in multiple categories
Each job has a name, description and an owner
Jobs can be ran manually using SQL Server Management Studio
Jobs can have one or more job steps

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2. SQL Server Agent allows you to schedule jobs to perform any number of steps from backing up databases to running SQL scripts. Which of the following is the odd one out with regard to scheduling a job through SQL Server Agent?

Jobs can be scheduled on a recurring basis
Jobs can be run at random times
Jobs can be run when CPU utilization is idle
Jobs can be run once at a specific date and time

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3. When you schedule a SQL Server job you can configure which individuals are alerted about its completion. What is the correct term given to these people that can be alerted?

Alert Groups

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4. A developer in your organisation has added a new table to the company database called PERSON. However, he has forgotten the table structure and his manager needs to recreate the table in his local database. What should you do to help?

Select the table in SQL Server Management studio and..

Select Tasks – Script Table as – Select to – File
Select Tasks – Script Table as – Create to – File
Select Tasks – Export Data
Select Tasks - Import Data

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5. Stored procedures, triggers and functions can all be written in CLR compatible languages in SQL Server 2008. Why would someone want to use CLR store procedures rather than standard T-SQL stored procedures?

Type safety
They are faster
They require less development effort
T-SQL is outdated and CLR languages are a better choice

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6. One of the developers at your company has written a CLT stored procedures that’s clever enough to call a web service and update database records based on local weather information. He has packaged and deployed this CLR stored procedure as .NET assembly. However, the code has a major bug and you have been asked to delete the assembly from SQL Server. Which command should you use?


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7. Your manager has asked you to create a new user on SQL Server 2008 that has a specific permission set. This person will only be responsible for restoring, dropping and sometimes creating new databases. Which server role should you give the person?


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8. Your manager has asked you to create a new user called Report Manager. They will be responsible for running queries to gather information used for departmental reports. They only need access to the main company database called My Comp. Which database role should you give the person?


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9. Your manager is trying to create a new SQL login using a T-SQL script. This is the command that he is trying to run:


However, the command fails when he tries to run it in SQL Management Studio. What is wrong with his SQL statement?

He needs to use WITH SUBJECT as well
He can’t use MUST CHANGE with a windows login
He needs to use CHECK POLICY = ON
He needs to use the HASHED argument for windows logins

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10. Which of the following is not a recommended optimization technique for SQL Server?

Use a RAID 10 configuration on the server
Use regular transaction log backups instead of full backups
Use multi core processors instead of single core
Store Data and Log files the same physical disks

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11. Your company has just launched a new in-house application for call monitoring. However, the database is performing poorly and you have been asked to investigate why. You have opted to use the Database Engine Tuning Advisor. What does this tool need to run?

Nothing, you just start the advisor during the peak usage period
The database must be offline and not in use
An xml configuration file of the database to analyse
A trace file to run against

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12. Which of the following is TRUE regarding the default SQL Server instance?

You cannot connect to the default instance
You cannot install a named instance without installing the default instance first
Only one instance can exist on each SQL Server
Uses the same name as the computer name on which it is installed

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13. The RESTORE DATABASE T-SQL command can be used to restore a database. You want to restore a database from a physical file on a removable media disk USB) called MyBackup.bak. Which restore parameters should you use?

FROM <logical name>
FROM DISK [Path to file]

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14. What is the process of copying, at set intervals, a log backup from a read/write database (the primary database) on a primary server to one or more copies (the secondary databases) that reside on remote servers known as?

Linked server
Dynamic Recovery
Linked Measure
Log shipping

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15. What is the name given to the column or combination of columns whose values match the primary key (PK) or unique key in the same or another table.

Foreign Key
Foreign Reference
Foreign Match
Primary Reference

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16. What is the name given to the system database that records all the system-level information for an instance of SQL Server.? This includes instance-wide metadata such as login accounts, endpoints, linked servers, and system configuration settings.


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17. What is the name given to the process of replacing a table with multiple smaller tables. Each smaller table has the same format as the original table, but with a subset of the data. Each of these tables has rows allocated to it based on some characteristic of the data, such as specific key ranges.


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