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Black Ops 2 Die Rise - How to Complete Maxis Easter Egg (ALL STEPS)

Black Ops 2 Die Rise - How to Complete Maxis Easter Egg (ALL STEPS)
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The Maxis side of the Die Rise easter egg is certainly the harder of the two. All steps to complete the easter egg are listed below so you can try for yourselves. This easter egg will unlock the High Maintenance achievement.

Note: This tutorial applies to the Revolution DLC for Black Ops 2 - Zombies Die Rise map. The Maxis Easter egg cannot be completed on easy mode and you must have 4 players.

Hopefully you've been following our other posts so you've made it as far as shooting the balls out of the dragons mouth and have made your way over to the lion paws. If you haven't don't worry, we've got those steps here:

Step 1: Build navcard table
Step 2: Get the sniper gun and upgrade it
Step 3,4,5: Step on gold symbols and shoot dragon balls

So, you've got this far and the dragon balls are out of the dragons mouth and they're located under the lions paws. At this point the Easter Egg splits between Richtofen and Maxis, the decision you make next will take you down one of the paths.

We're going to concentrate on the Maxis easter egg in this tutorial..

Step 6: Head over to the Buddha room

Leave the balls under the lion claws and head over to the Buddha room (MC Esher). Kill 50/100 zombies to spill enough blood in the room. Maxis will ask you to stop by saying "enough...enough" and at this point you can stop killing zombies.

Tip: Use the mustang sally and grenades to speed up the spilling of blood.

Step 7: Upgrade the ballistic knife and revive Russ

Before you can perform the sacrifice in the Buddha room you'll need to obtain the ballistic knives from the weapons box (anyone can obtain the upgraded knives not necessarily Stu). Then upgrade the knives using the pack-a-punch machine - this gives you The Krauss Refibrillator.

Now, head back to the Buddha room with all 4 players.

Get Russ to down himself using grenades/semtex.

Die Rise - Maxis Easter Egg (1)

Then just fire the ballistic knife in the room (they can be fired in any direction not necessarily at Russman).

At this point Maxis quote is:

"Ahh can you see the energy of the broken souls has been released"

"The energy fields remain in flux. Matter must be transformed before it can be contained"

"The spire must be energised with fire and light. Create a field with which to bind it"

Note: Exact quotes may be slightly different. Couldn't hear over the zombie noises.

Step 8: Use Trample Steams to fire Dragon Balls

This part is tricky!

Get all players to pick up a Trample Steam (x 4).

Find each of the gold lion symbols (on the floor) and place one Trample Steam on each of the symbols. The Trample MUST be placed facing the radio tower.

Die Rise - Maxis Easter Egg (2)

Pick up the two dragon balls (orbs) from the lions paws.

Then place the two dragon balls on the Trample Steam's on opposite sides of the building (if you can't place the orbs then you haven't placed the Trample Steams correctly).

The balls will be flung across the map simultaneously.

At this point, Maxis will say:

"It is working, we are near our goal"

Step 9 - Use galvaknuckes on spire

This step is exactly the same as the final step of Richtofen's easter egg.

Obtain the galva knuckles from the lift shaft and head over to the radio tower. Now punch the sides of the tower in a particular order.

Die Rise - Maxis Easter Egg (3)

The exact order is based on the numbers and colours on the mah-jong tiles which are spread around the map.

Find two mah-jong tiles with the same colour. One of those tiles will have a number on it, thats the order for that colour. Now find all the colours and all the numbers. Each colour relates to a direction, north, south, east, west. Put the colours and numbers together and you've got your order. Remember the tile which is located on the radio tower is your north starting point.

Note: If you are unsuccessful in your first attempt then you'll need to wait until the next round for the spire to light up again.


That's it, the easter egg (High Maintenance achievement) is complete and the Maxis dragon lights up.


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