Black Ops 3 DLC 4 Zombies - September Release Date Confirmed

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The release date for Black Ops 3 DLC 4 has been implicitly confirmed through an upcoming event called "Call of Duty XP 2016". During this three day event, fans have the chance to be the first to play Treyarch's final DLC pack, well ahead of everyone else.


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As we all know, DLC 4 will conclude the story of Richtofen's attempts to rewrite history as he erases the original 1.0 versions from the universe. Whether this DLC takes us to Egypt and the pyramids or infact we do travel back in time to London - no one knows for sure. At the time of writing this, DLC 3 isn't even out yet and I'm sure there will be many twists and turns in that DLC alone, many of which will shape the final outcome for Treyarch's zombies adventure.

Call of Duty XP 2016

Call of Duty XP 2016 - Event room

The secret XP event was revealed by several big names in the YouTube community; each of whom received a little black envelope and were told to keep the reveal secret until today.

Not only will the final DLC pack (multiplayer only) be playable but the main point of this convention is to allow fans to experience the upcoming COD game: Infinite Warfare, as well as play the Modern Warfare Remastered offering. I'm not sure how many people actually care for IW but the chance to play DLC 4 early and a little remastered warfare is worth the ticket price in my opinion.

Gamer wearing headset during World Championships

The Call of Duty 2016 event takes place from the 2nd - 4th September in Los Angeles. Tickets are available from June 11th at 10am PT and prices start at $49 for the Enlisted Ticket which grants you access to general admissions seating for the three day World League Championship and access to Call of Duty XP gameplay and activities.

Purchase tickets through the official COD website at:

September Release Date

September Calendar

With those event dates in mind we can confirm that DLC 4 will NOT be released before September and will infact be released either on the following Tuesday, September 6th or a week later on the 13th September. Anything beyond those dates is well into the next yearly cycle and would interfere with the sales of Infinite Warfare.

If you don't get the chance to go to Call of Duty XP 2016, don't worry, the reveal trailer for DLC 4 will in all probability be released before the event, on the Thursday.

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