Black Ops 3 Zombies - Leaked Der Riese Remake Called The Giant

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With only hours to go until the Black Ops 3 zombies reveal and the Juggernog Edition of Black Ops 3 has been leaked online via a retailer in New Zealand. Included in the Juggernog Edition is a remake of the Der Riese map which continues the story from Origins.

The new bonus map is called The Giant which we now know is a reference to the giant walking machines from Origins. As a remake of Der Riese, the bonus map will almost certainly include weapons from the Black Ops 3 era especially the addition of many of the elements which appeared later in the series; traps, BOSS zombies, Easter Eggs etc.

Players will be able to continue the zombies story after the final DLC map from Black Ops 2, playing as the familiar characters of Dempsey, Nikolai, Richtofen, and Takeo.

Origins robot

This remake appears to be part of the Juggernog Edition but will almost certainly also be part of the standard Season pass, just as Nuketown was a Season Pass bonus for Black Ops 2. Therefore, don't stash all your money away just to get the Juggernog Edition just yet because the Season Pass may be a better and more affordable route to get the Der Riese remake.

The Giant - Cast

As any zombie fan will tell you, Der Riese was the final zombies DLC map from World at War which first introduced the Pack-a-Punch machine. Set in a secret Nazi research facility the map included the spooky Samantha Easter Egg that later became a mainstream storyline for the zombies series. It was also supposed to be the first map for Black Ops but was swapped at the last moment in favour of Kino der Toten.

Extras in this edition also include

  • Fully functional mini-fridge featuring light and audio from the game
  • Perk-a-Cola coasters with custom tin
  • The full Black Ops 3 season pass
  • Collection Steelbook
  • Limited Edition concept art cards
  • The Giant zombies in-game bonus map
  • 3 personalization packs: Weaponized 115, Cyborg and Black Ops 3 Pack
  • Official Game DLC Soundtrack

As you can see that's a pretty amazing list of Zombie themed content. I particularly love the Juggernog themed fridge that plays in game audio as you open it - that's just awesome by itself and no doubt this Juggernog Edition is going to sell out very, very quickly.

One important note for those who have pre-ordered the digital edition. I don't think you'll be able to cancel your pre-order and purchase this edition instead. It sucks I know, but I think there's pretty strict rules for refunds on digital orders through PS and Xbox stores.

UPDATE: Hardend Edition also includes The Giant bonus map

The Live Reveal also confirmed that the Hardened Edition of Black Ops 3 includes The Giant bonus map as well.

Hardend Edition

Retailers website

Currently down because of an overload of zombie fans! :)

As soon as more information becomes available I'll let you know.

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