Blood of the Dead - Acid Gat Part Locations

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In this guide you'll find a detailed walkthrough for collecting the parts to upgrade the Blundergat into the Acid Gat in Blood of the Dead zombies. This returning Wonder Weapon is a fan favourite in Black Ops 4 and I strongly recommend you go after it.

The Acid Gat is of course a returning weapon from the original Alcatraz prison map in Black Ops 2. It fires "sticky" acid pellets that attach to surfaces and explode after a brief delay. It's way more powerful than the base Blundergat and especially useful at running high rounds in the Cafeteria.

To upgrade to the Acid Gat you'll need to find three parts: a Motor, a Case and an Acid Bottle. These parts are exactly the same as the original map but the locations have changed slightly so let's cover where to find each of them now...

Acid Gat Part Locations

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Motor part

The Motor part is always near the Warden's Office, deep inside the main prison and you'll need to pass through Michigan Avenue to get there. Possible locations are:

  • Inside the little office beside the Sally Port room (unlock the door to get inside)
  • On the table inside Warden's Office
  • In the corner, on the floor near the mystery box


Case part

The Case is always near the Transverse Tunnel which is accessible after leaving the New Industries building. Possible locations:

  • On the floor inside the Transverse Tunnel, underneath the wall weapon

Acid Bottle

Acid bottle part

The final part, the Acid Bottle, is always in the Infirmary area. Possible locations:

  • Inside the locked cabinet at the rear of the Infirmary
  • On the table near the baths
  • On the table in the narrow corridor

Completing the upgrade

Workbench example

The final Acid Gat can be constructed at any empty workbench (i.e. one which hasn't been used to build the shield). Interact with the empty workbench (as shown above) to assemble the Acid Gat "kit", then interact again to place the Blundergat into the machine. Wait a few seconds and the upgraded weapon is now yours to reclaim and start using.

The Acid Gat comes with roughly 30 bullets and it's a single fire and reload affair.

Although the delayed explosion from the Acid Gat may seem slow at first, the damage from the explosion more than compensates this risk. It's perfect for taking out tightly bunched groups of enemies but always remember to give yourself time to reload between rounds.

Like the sticky crossbow weapon, players can also tactically stick acid pellets onto the floor or walls to catch the path of an oncoming horde of zombies. This is particularly useful if you don't have time to turn around or are training in circles.

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