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Uncharted 4 - All Journal Locations

Uncharted 4 - All Journal Locations
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A complete guide for finding every Journal Note in Uncharted 4, with appropriate map locations, directions and screenshots to help you find all of them. Many of the Journal Notes provide important clues to solving difficult puzzles in addition to acting as lore to expand upon the backstory of Nathan Drake's adventure.

Fans will know that throughout the Uncharted series Nathan Drake uses a pocket-sized journal to record his adventures, along with detailed sketches, maps and journal diary notes. Players can find and pick up extra Journal pages that are scattered throughout the game; these are classed as collectible items and even act as requirements for particular Trophies.

To help you avoid spoilers, I have divided the guide into chapters so if you haven't reached a certain point in the story then you won't be spoiled by a particular location. Keep this page bookmarked and come back later if you get stuck trying to find a particular Journal.

Note: the list will be expanded as new locations are discovered.

If you are looking for Journal Entries, please see this post (link coming soon).

Journal Locations

Chapter 8

Crypt stone carvings

After finding the grave and opening the stairs down, use your flash light (torch) to navigate in the dark, position yourself underground at the bottom of the stone stairs. Search the edge of this room where the carvings of heads and skulls are (see image above, which looks like a crypt) for the note that is lying next to a skeleton. As you pick up the note, Nathan will say that "the monks have written this".

This should be your first note so you'll get the "Take a note" trophy.

Chapter 9

Skeleton on floor under see-saw bridge

Just before the wooden see-saw bridge within the underground cave, look for the skeleton which is lying on the lower level, next to the edge of the platform. It's a very easy note to find.

Chapter 10

Note 1

Room with barrels

Drive the jeep towards and through the waterfall until it will go no further. Leave the jeep and continue straight. Use your grapple on the left to pull down a box that will help you climb onto the upper level. Search this small enclosure (with barrels stacked up) for the wooden table. The note is lying on top of the table along with several books.

Note 2

Water well

Roughly halfway through the chapter you'll see smoke rising in the distance, drive with the smoke and the mountain on your left side until you reach the circular water well between two trees. Drop down and search the well. The note is lying besides one of the pillars.

Chapter 12

Note 1

Small beach island

Search the small beach island which has wreckage in the middle of it. There are several stacked piles of barrels and wooden crates - the journal note is lying on the sand near the pile which has the chair perched on top of it.. Nathan will say "An old letter" when you pick up the item.

Note 2

Isolated beach on main island

Steer the boat towards the main island with the very large cliffs and the isolated beach. Find the shaded cove area (it's at sea level) under the cliffside. There is a small collection of boxes and other items with the note lying just on top.

Chapter 13

Note 1

Underground waterfall cave

Roughly halfway through the chapter, Nate will find a skeleton on the wall and say "That's not very reassuring" before making a Journal Entry. Now turn and slide down the gravel slope and jump towards the large waterfall on the right (see smaller image above). Climb up the waterfall to the top and crouch through the small tunnels. Pull yourself up and search the grassy stone area for the note which is lying next to the skeleton of an explorer. The front side of the note contains a diary entry whilst the flip side contains a map of the coastal area and smaller islands.

Note 2

Towards the end of the chapter Nate will say "Ok, where to". Explore the dense jungle area (you should hear birds chirping and jungle creatures) until you find the large cliff edge and no other way to go except to climb. Do not climb but explore the nearby area for a skeleton and the note which is lying next to the base of a very large tree that has almost merged with the cliffside. When you pick up the note, Nathan will comment: "Wow that is pretty dark".

Chapter 14

Note 1

Stone house jump point

Inside one of the ruined stone houses, explore the upper level for the note which is on the table next to the bed. To reach this house head right from the chapter starting point and jump across the roofs. Then position yourself on the roof of the next closest building (see image above), then run and jump to the window ledge. Pull yourself up and into the upper level from here. Search the small bedroom for the note.

Note 2

Stone house jump point

Just over halfway through the chapter you will use the grapple to swing between the buildings. Swing to the building shown in the image above. Then search the lower floor for the Note which lies on the table.

Chapter 15

Note 1

Wooden drawer

Right at the start of the chapter, walk straight and check the draw on your immediate left (See image above). The note contains a manifest of the good ship (named removed to avoid spoilers). When you pick up this note Nathan will say "Old manifest. Lots of treasure". If it's not there, check other shelves, boxes and drawers because it can be random.

Note 2

Search the same room as Note 1 for another note which is inside an inconspicuous trunk lying on the floor - pick it up and Nathan will say "I'm amazed this letter is still intact". This Note appears to be in a random location every game so keep checking those draws until you find it.

Note 3

Box/trunk with note

Again, keep searching the same room, checking each and every drawer, shelve and box for the next note. The location is random.

More locations coming soon...


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