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Uncharted 4 - Treasure Locations (Chapters 7 - 10)

Uncharted 4 - Treasure Locations (Chapters 7 - 10)
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The second post in the treasure locations guide, covering Chapters 7 - 10 in Uncharted 4. As mentioned previously, I have split the guides into several posts to help avoid spoilers but also because of the large number of treasures that you can collect in the game.

By now you should have built up a fairly substantial list of treasures, all of which are visible in the contextual menu in game. The early Trophy is now out of the way and you can work towards the 50 marker and move closer to the ultimate "Treasure Master" trophy.

Remember, treasure collectibles shine brightly every few seconds, making them easier to find in low light environments and particularly underwater. Avoid confrontations whilst searching for treasure and use the replay chapter menu option to come back and find missing treasures at a later time. I usually find it easier to reclaim treasures when I know the map layout from a previous playthrough.

Treasure List

During Chapters 7 - 10 you can expect to find the following treasures:

  1. Redware and Silver Jug Mask
  2. Bronze Boar
  3. Carved Wood Kashkul
  4. Carved Nut Bottle
  5. Travelling Inkwell with Seal
  6. Carved Ivory Vanitas
  7. Scottish Ha-penny
  8. Slipjoint Clasp Knife
  9. Pewter Singing Bird Box
  10. Tortoise Shell Snuff Box
  11. Persian Tailoring Scissors
  12. Lantern Mounted Flintlock
  13. Strange Pendant
  14. Amatory Box
  15. Pewter Box
  16. Memento Mori Skull Watch
  17. Scottish Tipstaff
  18. Sawasa Ware Tobacco Box
  19. Eroded Flintlock Pistol
  20. Mughal Ivory Powder Flask
  21. Parchment Scroll
  22. Ancient Fertility Idol
  23. Pocket Celestial Map
  24. English Ale Bottle
  25. Pewter Letter Cylinder
  26. Mughal Box
  27. English Musket Bondolier
  28. Antique Tea Tin
  29. Scottish Two Pence Coin
  30. Scottish Snuff Mull
  31. Brass and Ivory Tankard
  32. Muff Pistol

Chapter 7

There are no treasures in this chapter.

Chapter 8

There are eleven treasures in this chapter.

Redware and Silver Jug Mask

From the starting point in the marsh, run past Sam and head slightly to your left towards the trees. The jug is lying on the floor and shining in plain sight.

Bronze Boar

Bronze Boar - treasure location

Now head down the hill to the opposite side (i.e. right hand side of where you started the chapter). Head towards the sea and the cliff edge. Note the plane floating on the water in the distance and follow the path down a notch and round into a dark cave section. The treasure is not far inside.

Carved Wood Kashkul

Carved Wood Kashkul - treasure location

From the excavation camp in the forest area with the blue and green crates, check the cliff edge near the large blue crate. The treasure is tucked away near the very edge of the cliff.

Carved Nut Bottle

Carved Nut Bottle - treasure location

In the same area with the blue and green crates, use the yellow box to climb up and look for the single patch of white snow on the floor. There is a rock face here that can be destroyed with the dynamite to reveal a hidden area. Once destroyed Sam will say "Nice". Now crawl into the cave and use your flashlight (torch) to find the treasure hidden inside.

Travelling Inkwell with Seal

Travelling Inkwell with Seal - treasure location

When Sam says "So this is what you've been up to all these years. Jumping around ruins?", swing across the pole and walk to the very corner edge of the platform/cliff. Crouch down and dangle on the edge, then carefully drop down to reach the lower level. The treasure is in the room underneath ground level.

Carved Ivory Vanitas

Carved Ivory Vanitas - treasure location

After you slide sown the gravel slope and use the wooden pool to grapple across to the other side you will reach the huge stone building with the wooden arched entrance door, check the left hand side wall for the little ledge and then a sequence of ledges leading upwards that you can use to climb up. Climb up and round to the left to reach the upper level of the ruined building. The treasure is on the floor next to the stone statue.

Scottish Ha-penny

Scottish Ha-penny - treasure location

From inside the dark chambers, underneath the ruins where the three crucifix cross statues are (light puzzle), use the flashlight (torch) to explore the tunnel leading away from the statue until you reach a dead end. The treasure is again by a statue.

Slipjoint Clasp Knife

Further on as you try and reach the secret cave, you will crouch down to navigate a series on small tunnels with the enemy unaware above. Sam will say "Hey. To your right". There is a pirate patrolling the cliff edge with the backdrop of the sea and a snow storm. Creep up and take out the sentry by kicking him off the cliff to his death. Crouch down and venture back through the tunnels, the treasure is not far inside near the wooden boxes and barrels.

Pewter Singing Bird Box

Pewter Singing Bird Box - treasure location

Up above of the tunnels near the cliff edge, take note of the high drop to the sea below. Run and jump across to the other cliff edge platform. Enter the small cave here and the treasure is just inside near a skeleton. This cave is next to the wooden beam that Sam builds to help you grapple up.

Tortoise Shell Snuff Box

Tortoise Shell Snuff Box - treasure location

Just after Sam helps you up the cliff edge he'll say "There ya go. Where would you be without me, huh?". Walk left to the cliff edge and look down for the series of ledges that take you down and around the right side of the rock face. You must dangle and jump between the ledges as you work you way lower and round to the right. Keep spiraling round until you see a small entrance above you to a small platform.

Persian Tailoring Scissors

Persian Tailoring Scissors - treasure location

From the area with several wooden stairs leading up, locate the single set of stairs with a small platform above. Couch down and go under the platform to find the treasure.

Chapter 9

There are six treasures in this chapter.

Lantern Mounted Flintlock

From the first wooden rope bridge, take a left turn before crossing the bridge and following the narrow path down, left and slightly underground. There is a very small, dark cave here which contains the flintlock treasure.

Strange Pendant

Strange Pendant - treasure location

Venture further underground into the caverns and take note of the cliff edge with a massive drop down below. There is a wooden post protruding from the nearby wall which you can grapple to, swing round 90 degrees and then jump and catch the platform edge. Pull yourself up to the hidden platform and collect the treasure.

Amatory Box

Amatory Box - treasure location

At this point in the story Nate says that with enough explosives they will know they're right above the cathedral. In the large open area with very tall pillars, after you have swung across using the grapple, make your way to the cliff edge and dangle down. Work you way down a couple of segments and the treasure is on a small ledge below.

Pewter Box

Pewter Box - treasure location

Following the short cutscene, locate the dark room with many small, evenly distributed pillars and chandeliers above, locate the smaller room with a statue that has fallen down. Crouch down and crawl under the statue to reach the treasure on the tomb.

Memento Mori Skull Watch

Go to the broken rope bridge, dangle on the edge to the right and look downwards. You should see the treasure glistening on the small ledge below.

Scottish Tipstaff

Scottish Tipstaff - treasure location

On the other side of the broken rope bridge, locate the large chest which is on the adjacent platform. Clamber over the boxes and barrels and look behind for the treasure.

Chapter 10

There are fifteen treasures in chapter 10. Given the huge area you have to explore in chapter 10 some of these can be difficult to locate. I'll have a map ready soon to help.

Sawasa Ware Tobacco Box

From the chapter start location, turn 180 degrees so you're facing away from the jeep in the distance. Walk behind the rocks and climb up to the broken platform. The treasure is on top of the wooden box.

Eroded Flintlock Pistol

Located inside the underground mine, on the upper level next to a barrel.

Mughal Ivory Powder Flask

Mughal Ivory Powder Flask - treasure location

Above the first building where the circular dragon symbol is on the floor, climb the rock wall using the wooden beams to help you ascend. Once up top, admire the amazing view and collect the flask.

Parchment Scroll

Parchment Scroll - treasure location

Take the jeep and drive until Sullivan starts to say "It's taking forever to get to this volcano". Leave the jeep and explore the left side of the road. The treasure is on a box just hidden behind a stone wall.

Ancient Fertility Idol

Ancient Fertility Idol - treasure location

Again, drive a little further and leave the jeep when you see the massive rocks and what appears to be a dead end. Explore inside the natural cove to find the idol on top of a box.

Pocket Celestial Map

Pocket Celestial Map - treasure location

After the intense gun battle and having crossed the broken bridge, another ruined building lies not too far down the road. Stop when you see the half crumbled building and explore the upper level for the treasure.

English Ale Bottle

English Ale Bottle - treasure location

Drive until you see the mini-fortress building which looks like an outpost. If you leave the car and attempt to climb Nate will say that the walls are too high. Instead, get back in the jeep and drive it up to the right hand side of the wall, climb on the front bonnet and then make the additional leap and climb on to the upper level of the building. Shoot the red barrels to reveal the secret entrance then descend down to the ground level of the building. The treasure is on the table.

Pewter Letter Cylinder

Drive until you see the well and the water pump structure. Drive the jeep up to the edge of the well, pull out the tow rope and descend down the well. Attach the rope to the anchor point under ground and instruct Sully to put the car into reverse. This will pull down the wooden pillar and you can walk onto it and then jump to the ledges. Pull yourself up to the small platform and collect the treasure from the table.

Mughal Box

Mughal Box - treasure location

A tricky one to find. Use the jeep to ascend the highest mountain by following the narrow path leading round the edge of the mountain and up to the top. There is a small ruin at the top with the treasure inside the compounds.

English Musket Bondolier

English Musket Bondolier - treasure location

Another treasure hidden inside a pit which only appears when you shoot the barrels. The pit is located within the settlement area (precise location to follow soon).

Antique Tea Tin

Antique Tea Tin - treasure location

Located not far from the large grey create with the laptop on top. Use the detonator to explode the entrance to the beacon tower. The game will prompt to say "Find a way up to the beacon tower". Follow the corridor inside and to the dead end - the treasure is on the floor here.

Scottish Two Pence Coin

Climb to the very top of the thin tower which has amazing views and the treasure is there.

Scottish Snuff Mull

Scottish Snuff Mull - treasure location

From the top of the temple area follow the path to the far edge and a dead end. The treasure is by a couple of crates and a barrel.

Brass and Ivory Tankard

At the large tower, underground after you use the powdered keg to destroy the brick wall you'll be inside the room with the star symbols on the floor and the large circular pit in the middle. The treasure is behind the large crate which is up against one of the walls. Very easy to find.

Muff Pistol

Muff Pistol - treasure location

In the same room as the Tankard above, take a red barrel and throw it next to the wooden crates. Shoot at it to explode the crate and pick up the pistol from the floor.

Other treasure lists

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