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Uncharted 4 - Treasure Locations (Chapters 11 - 16)

Uncharted 4 - Treasure Locations (Chapters 11 - 16)
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The third and penultimate treasure locations walkthrough for Uncharted 4, covering Chapters 11 through to 16. In this post you will find exact details for each of the collectible treasures in these chapters together with maps, screenshots and directions to guide you along the way.

By now you've reached the halfway point of the game and hopefully have been collecting some of the other treasures along the way. Don't worry if you've missed any, simply visit the previous guides (links at the bottom of this post) and replay the chapter using the games chapter selection menu option.

Treasures List

You can find the following treasures in Chapters 11 - 16:

  1. Earthenware Mug
  2. Antique Compass
  3. Nephrite and Jade Bowl
  4. Ivory Handle Dagger
  5. Brass Globe Hand Warmer
  6. Combination Lock Tobacco Box
  7. Brass Pocket Sundial
  8. Silver and Wood Tankard
  9. Persian Silver Pen Box
  10. Panamanian Pendant
  11. Persian Leather Notebook Case
  12. Decanni Bronze Spouted Bowl
  13. Mughal Elephant Carving
  14. Ottoman Helmet
  15. Decanni Bronze Vase
  16. Strange Relic
  17. Hamsa Mythical Goose
  18. Pique Tortoise Shell Box
  19. Persian Ring
  20. Wood Tankard
  21. Spy Glass
  22. Dress Dirk
  23. Ferchen Bearded Bottle
  24. Carved Horn Bird Sculpture
  25. Mughal Vase
  26. Ancient stone pot
  27. Painted Copper Bottle
  28. Mughal Jade Bottle
  29. Slipjoint Claspknife
  30. Large Bronze Boar
  31. Stout Vase
  32. Mughal Serving Vase
  33. Emerald Flask
  34. Toy Soldier
  35. Toy Seaplane
  36. Pirate Snowglobe

Chapter 11

There are five treasures in this chapter, most are relatively easy to find.

Earthenware Mug

Upon starting this chapter walk down the stairs, turn left and then left again. Take note of the motorbike here and follow the stairs at the end which go down a level towards the shut gates. Follow the path round to the right and inside. The treasure is on the floor.

Antique Compass

Antique Compass - location

Pass through the market area, look for the woman with the bright yellow t-shirt on and approach the seller next to the brightly coloured yellow crate. There's a compass on the table but you must haggle to get the price down before the treasure is yours to purchase.

Nephrite and Jade Bowl

Nephrite and Jade Bowl - location

Inside the building with the stain glass windows and circular platform in the middle, take the small room (shown in the image above) and collect the treasure which is next to a statue.

Ivory Handle Dagger

Ivory Handle Dagger - location

Use the many ledges to climb your way to the very top of the bell tower. The dagger is on the outside balcony.

Brass Globe Hand Warmer

Brass Globe Hand Warmer - location

From the ruins of the bell tower, where the many large cogs are scattered in the room, look on the floor near the golden jug and broken wooden beams.

Chapter 12

There are thirteen treasures in this chapter.

Combination Lock Tobacco Box

Combination Lock Tobacco Box - location

Use the boat to travel to the large island. The game will show a contextual message saying "Head up to the tower". Leave the boat and explore the island, head through the forest undergrowth and the treasure is not too far away, near a cliff wall.

Brass Pocket Sundial

Brass Pocket Sundial - location

On the smaller island, locate the sunken boat mast (shown in image above). Dive into the water and swim down to the ship's wreckage, enter the upper level of the hull then pick up the sundial near the coral.

Silver and Wood Tankard

Silver and Wood Tankard - location

On the larger island, locate the dead pirate who is tied to a post near the sand dunes. The treasure is very near by, just under a shadowy rock face.

Persian Silver Pen Box

Persian Silver Pen Box - location

Go to the sandy shore with the many palm trees and the tower in the distance. Face the tower and turn left to explore a little shadowy rock face on the beach front.

Panamanian Pendant

Panamanian Pendant - location

Use the boat to travel to the shaded side of the island with the rock archway in the distance (see image). Explore the very small beach area which has a dead-end rock face. The treasure is by the rock face.

Persian Leather Notebook Case

Persian Leather Notebook Case - location

Again, use the boat to travel to the two rock archways and position the boat in the middle of the two. Jump on top of the boat's roof and leap across to the platform. Run to the end and use the many ledges to work your way up to a second higher platform (see arrow in image above).

Decanni Bronze Spouted Bowl

Decanni Bronze Spouted Bowl - location

Away from the shore now, deep into the island forest you will come across an entrance on the side of a rock face. There are two statues standing high up on pillars holding long sticks. Face the statues (as shown in the image above) and turn right. Work you way up the path steps and the treasure is there in plain sight.

Mughal Elephant Carving

Mughal Elephant Carving - location

Locate the edge of the island where the temple entrance and the broken rope bridge are, face the broken bridge (shown in image) and do a 180 degree turn. Follow the edge of the platform and work slightly left round the corner and through the archway to a dark cavern. The carving is inside.

Ottoman Helmet

Ottoman Helmet - location

Climb high up the island, with the tower in the distance (see image), turn and explore the base level of the ruined tower for this treasure.

Decanni Bronze Vase

Decanni Bronze Vase - location

Located behind the ruin tower (from the step above), on an elevated platform. To get there, locate the nearby muddy path with water flowing down. Cling onto the brown circular ledge and work your way round, behind and above your current position. Be careful not to fall on the muddy slope otherwise you'll slide to the bottom and will miss your chance.

Strange Relic

Strange Relic - location

A rather tricky one to find. Explore the island until you reach an area with many rock faces and an out of place circular stone sculpture in a platform by itself. Climb the cliffs and use ledges to work your way up to the location shown in the image above. Run and jump off the edge, use your grapple to catch the tree in the distance and swing over to the circular stone bowl.

Hamsa Mythical Goose

Hamsa Mythical Goose - location

At the point of the story where you're trying to descend down the circular enclosure to reach the temple entrance. Whilst you are grappled and descending, stop and swing towards the statue which is holding a pole (see image above). The treasure is by his right foot.

Pique Tortoise Shell Box

Pique Tortoise Shell Box - location

Locate the underground area with the many water pools, large tree roots and several creates (see image above). Swim through the pool and pull yourself up so you're next to the large tree roots. The shell box is on the floor here.

Chapter 13

There are five treasures in this chapter.

Persian Ring

Persian Ring - location

From the large waterfalls area, turn and climb the rock face. Working your way round to the right and increasingly higher. Use the smaller ledges to reach a crevice in the rock face which contains the treasure (see image).

Wood Tankard

Wood Tankard - location

From inside the cave with the massive waterfall outside, search nearby the rock wall for this treasure.

Spy Glass

Spy Glass - location

Explore a little deeper under the waterfalls and find the small waterfall and the cavern entrance on the right. Explore the room for the treasure next to a barrel.

Dress Dirk

Dress Dirk - location

Following the fight with the many guards in the forest, work your way to the very of the area using the many raised platforms. Once you reach the high wall with the skeleton at the bottom and the Journal Note, follow the path left and upwards (shown in image) to a dead end and this treasure.

Ferchen Bearded Bottle

Ferchen Bearded Bottle - location

Locate the building with the wooden flooring and many broken sections. Drop down to the lowest level, crouch under the floor and explore the lower basement section for the treasure.

Chapter 14

There are nine treasures in this chapter.

Carved Horn Bird Sculpture

From the start of the chapter turn right and pull yourself over the ruined wall. There is a wooden cart with two wheels in this room, pick up the treasure from beside it.

Mughal Vase

Mughal Vase - location

Down at ground (street) level, position yourself so you're facing the grave headstone (shown in image above). Turn right and explore the first building on your left. The treasure is in one of the ground level back rooms.

Ancient stone pot

Ancient stone pot - location

Position yourself in the location shown on the image above. Follow the arrow to explore the building on the right. Work your way through to the jail cells and you'll find the treasure in the second from last cell.

Painted Copper Bottle

Painted Copper Bottle - location

From the upper section of the mine tunnels, explore the shaft which leads to a dead end and this treasure. Image above shows the path you should take.

Mughal Jade Bottle

Mughal Jade Bottle - location

Found on an outside ledge of the storage building. Exact position shown on image above - climb up to reach it.

Slipjoint Claspknife

Slipjoint Claspknife - location

From the area shown on the image above, turn 180 degrees and look up at the tree trunk for the wooden pole which has an anchor point. Use the grapple to swing round to the immediate right to reach the small room. The treasure is on a crate here.

Large Bronze Boar

Found on the exquisite table in the room with yellow flowers growing on the floor. Exact location to follow shortly.

Stout Vase

Stout Vase - location

After the series of swings and the mud-slide down you will reach the location shown in the image above, turn left and head up the spiraling red stairs. Veer to the right and past the large tree trunk, up to the second floor. Jump across the gap in the floor to reach the table with the head sculpture on it. The treasure is here too.

Mughal Serving Vase

Mughal Serving Vase - location

Starting from the location shown in the image above. You'll see a large amount of wreckage and dead bodies on the floor. Turn right, then turn left and head straight. Walk past several pillars until you see barrels and a tipped over wooden chair on your left. The treasure is on the floor next to the chair.

Chapter 15

There is only one treasure in this chapter and it's very easy to find.

Emerald Flask

Emerald Flask - location

Explore the room with the many bookcases and drawers until you find the shelves which are tilted over (see image). The treasure is underneath in the gap.

Chapter 16

There are three treasures in this chapter.

Toy Soldier

Toy Soldier - location

From the start of the chapter, head to the right of the mansion (i.e. do not follow Sam) and locate the bright lights and the circular water fountain in the middle (shown on image above). Explore the far side of the water fountain for a bench which has the treasure on top.

Toy Seaplane

Climb the wooden staircase inside the mansion. The treasure is at the top in plain sight.

Pirate Snowglobe

Pirate Snowglobe - location

Locate the bookshelf in the corner of the mansion. Climb up and again climb onto the curtain rail and finally the window ledge. Turn 180 degrees and leap across the gap to the upper room. There are many cardboard boxes, a telescope and the treasure is on the couch. You can only get this treasure after Sam has helped you move the bookshelf.

Other treasure lists

Missed a particular treasure? Check the other guides:


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