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Uncharted 4 - Chapter 2 and 8 Puzzle Solutions

Uncharted 4 - Chapter 2 and 8 Puzzle Solutions
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A complete guide explaining how to solve two of the early puzzles in Uncharted 4. Starting with the wall symbol puzzle from Chapter 2 and also a walkthrough for the light puzzle in Chapter 8.

First up let's take a look at the puzzle in Chapter 2, right at the beginning of the game.

Chapter 2 - Wall Symbol Puzzle

After speaking with the guard outside the prison boundary, he uncuffs you and waits for you to return the treasure from the tower cell at the top of the mountain. Now starts the first climbing test for your adventure in Uncharted 4.

Once you've navigated round and up the side of the cliff face using the many ledges and swinging points you'll eventually reach a window that leads inside to the cell. Drop through to the square shaped cell and the game's first puzzle.

Prison cell

The key to solving this puzzle is to acquaint yourself with the in-game letters and notes which play an important part in this puzzle and many of the games later puzzles. Uncharted 4 is exactly like other games in the series; many of the puzzles contain cryptic clues, mathematical and logical problems.

For this particular puzzle, walk up to the cell door and interact with the sun symbol. This triggers the in-game prompt to open the letter and read it. Press triangle to flip the letter to reveal the other side of the symbol. Now flip back again and press X to fold the paper to reveal the entire symbol.

Letter symbol

Now that you know the two symbols, close the letter and inspect the cell wall for the two matching symbols. Next to them will be roman numerals. For example:

Roman numeral example

Add the two roman numerals together to get a total value. For example in my game the numerals were: X and II. Adding these two together gave me 12 or XII in numerals.

Now find the protruding rock with the matching total numeral on the cell wall (in my case XII):

Roman numeral on rock

Interact using the Triangle button to pull out the rock and collect the rare artifact from the hole left behind. Congratulations you have now solved this puzzle and can progress further in the story.

Chapter 8 - Three Crosses / Light Puzzle

Three crosses

The game's next major puzzle doesn't appear until Chapter 8 when you're exploring the underground ruins of the cathedral in Scotland. Once you've located Benjamin's grave with the matching dates and gone down the secret stairs leading underground, you'll see three crosses on the wall in the chamber; one for the Impenitent theif "Gestas", one for Jesus and the final one for the penitent thief "Dismas". This is the start of the light puzzle for this chapter.

Venture round to the backside of the wall where the three crosses are. Locate the lamp on the wall and ask Sam to light it:

Lantern location behind three crosses

This will activate the puzzles next step so go back round to stand in front of the three crosses again. Interact with the base of each of the three statues and align the light by both rotating and positioning the two beams so they sit exactly on top of two of the blue bulbs. See image below:

Aligning the light

Repeat this process for each of the three statues until you have aligned all three of them correctly. If done perfectly the light will travel from each blue bulb to the next, forming a consistent line from top to bottom:

All lights aligned from three crosses

This puzzle is now complete so head round to the other side of the wall again, turn the cog to reveal the secret entrance and continue your story progression.


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