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Uncharted 4 - Treasure Locations (Chapters 1 - 6)

Uncharted 4 - Treasure Locations (Chapters 1 - 6)
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Uncharted 4 contains over 100 collectible treasures that you must find as you work towards First Treasure, Treasure Hunter and the ultimate Treasure Master Trophy. This guide will show you each of the treasure locations for Chapters 1 - 6.

I have split the treasure guides into separate posts simply because treasures are not evenly spread out between the chapters in Uncharted 4; in fact, some chapters have no treasures at all. I'll identify if a particular chapter has no treasures and also list how many treasures are located in each chapter, this should help you plan your game time in advance.

Like in other Uncharted games, some treasures are behind secret doors, hidden in high up places whilst others must be shot down before they can be collected.

Remember, treasures do carry over to your next game so don't worry if you miss one in a previous chapter; you can use the chapter selection option to revisit a chapter at anytime. Treasures are also present on every difficulty but be mindful of enemies in treasure locations to avoid having to restart if they jump you during your search.

List of Treasures

To give you a quick overview, the following treasures can be found in Chapters 1 - 6:

  • Antique Padlock
  • Chiriqui Shark Trinket
  • Antique Pocketwatch
  • Antique Arcade Token
  • Mughal Water Container
  • Nephrite Brass Cup
  • Viking Cloak Clasp
  • Mother of Pearl Horn
  • Persian Bronze Bowl
  • Brass Barber's Bowl
  • Syrian Vase
  • Persian Candlestick
  • Mughal Dagger


If you would prefer a quick video walkthrough then check the YouTube link below, otherwise continue reading for the text tutorial:

Youtube logo YouTube Walkthrough video

Chapter 1

There are no treasures in Chapter 1.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Well treasure

There are two treasures in this chapter.

Panamanian Cat Pendant

Located at the bottom of the outside water well (see image above). Drop down (it's not that deep) and note the shiny object on the floor.

Navaja Folding Knife

Inside the stone building, lower level where the wooden table is. Check the pile of rubble by the pillar for this treasure.

Chapter 3

There are four treasures in this chapter.

Antique Padlock

Antique Padlock - treasure location

Dive down to the sandy sea bed and look for the tree branch that forms a bridge over two rocks (see image above). The treasure is on the floor underneath this natural archway.

Chiriqui Shark Trinket

Chiriqui Shark Trinket - treasure location

Dive a little deeper now and look for the rocks that form another bridge type structure (shown in smaller image above). Dive and pass through the archway and the treasure is on the floor.

Antique Pocketwatch

Antique Pocketwatch - treasure location

Dive deeper past the sunken container so the sunlight barely penetrates. Notice the large reeds down here and look for the rock edge in the middle of a group weeds. Thankfully the treasure still glistens nicely down here so you should be able to spot it.

Antique Arcade Token

Antique Arcade Token - treasure location

Back up on the surface, walk up the stairs to the upper platform and search the toolbox shelf behind the tanker.

Chapter 4 & 5

There are no treasures for these chapters.

Chapter 6

There are nine treasures in this chapter.

Mughal Water Container

Mughal Water Container - treasure location

Right on the edge of the cliff side, to your left as you face the building in the distance. Be careful as you approach the edge of the cliff as it's a long drop down!!

Nephrite Brass Cup

Nephrite Brass Cup  -treasure location

Round the side of the building near the rock wall is a lemon tree (bright yellow fruits). Check the windowsill for this treasure.

Viking Cloak Clasp

An easy one to find. Upon first entering the mansion, search the room with many paintings on the wall and the grandfather clock next to the drawer. The treasure is on top of the table.

Mother of Pearl Horn

On the balcony (outside the building) there is a red drape and moss growing on the wall. Sully is wearing his black suit and is leaning over the balcony nearby. The treasure is just on a ledge by the wall.

Persian Bronze Bowl

Persian Bronze Bowl - treasure location

Locate the storage room underneath the building, where the tables have been disassembled and horizontally stacked together against a wall. Search the crates which have blue covers on them and cartons on top, near the small stairs.

Brass Barber's Bowl

At the bottom of the spiralling wooden staircase just next to the barrels.

Syrian Vase

Syrian Vase - treasure location

Starting from the balcony with the purple and red flowers growing on the walls, the one which overlooks the city, use the ladder which is located round the corner and the drainpipes and windows ledges to work your way onto the tiled roof. The treasure is nudged in the corner. Tip: You'll know you're at this point in the story when Sam is standing by the locked outside gate.

Persian Candlestick

Persian Candlestick - treasure location

When Nate helps Sam climb the ladder and says "good thing you kept in shape". Climb the ladder after him, turn left at the top and climb the wall in front of you. Once on the titled roof turn right and leap across to the balcony below. Sam will soon say "Bingo found the kitchen and it's locked". Just search the small upper balcony you landed on and the treasure is right there in front of you.

Mughal Dagger

Mughal Dagger - treasure location

Located outside, away from the main building where the many archways and very tall stone pillars are. At this point in the story you will be trying to locate the power room. Swing across the two poles and get to the small platform overlooking the sea down below. Nate should say "god why did I pick the power room". Drop down the edge overlooking the sea and hang on the ledge. Do three little jumps using your hands alone to hop between the three smaller ledges that are hidden behind the pillar. The Triangle icon should appear as approach the third ledge.

Other treasure lists

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