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Google Voice Chrome Extension

Google Voice Chrome Extension
The Google Voice extension for Google Chrome provides real time notification for your new voice mail messages, free SMS and quick calling features. Best of all, Google voice is a free service providing free inbound and outbound calls in the US..

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The Google Voice extension for Google Chrome provides real time notification for your new voice mail messages, free SMS and quick calling features. Best of all, Google voice is a free service providing free inbound and outbound calls in the US.

Google Voice was originally launched in March 2009 as a telecommunication service for U.S. phone numbers. Users of the service simply choose from available numbers in selected area codes. The service is free of charge to each user account. Inbound calls to your chosen number are forwarded to other phone numbers of your choice. Outbound calls may be placed to domestic and international destinations by dialling the Google Voice number or from a web-based application. Inbound and outbound calls to any location in the U.S. (including Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada are free of charge

The Google Voice extension is one of those extensions that really takes the browser to another level. With real time notifications for new voice mail messages, free SMS text messaging and quick calling features, its pretty handy. Working together with the existing Google Voice service the extension provides a slick user interface with real time response.

The number of new voice m ail messages (from your Google Voice inbox) is shown as a simple button at the top of the browser. Just click the button to view the details of each of your messages. Making life easy, the extension shows the transcript of each message so theres no need to play each message. Similarly, if you have added contacts, their profile picture is also shown next to the message.

Send free SMS messages by typing any number or one of your contact names.

Also make instant phone calls by typing the phone number or contact name of the person.

Check the Google Voice extension website because voicemail playback is also coming soon!

Google Voice has some fantastic features including:

A single Google forwarding number to all of the users phones
Free calls and SMS available in the US and Canada
Calling international phone numbers for as low as 2 cents per minute
Call screening. Announcement of callers based on their number or by an automated identification request for blocked numbers
Blocking calls from numbers you choose
Send, receive, and store SMS messages online
Answering incoming calls on any configured phone
Call routing. Select a list of phone numbers that should ring based on calling number
Reading of voicemail messages online
Listening to voicemail online, via Chrome extension or from a phone
Notification of voicemail messages via email, SMS or Chrome extension
Choose a personalized greetings based on calling number
Forward or downloading of digital voicemails (mp3)
Conference calling to multiple numbers and groups
Call recording and online archiving
Switching of phones during a call

Note: Google Voice requires registration


Price: $0
Size: 1MB
Released: 2/2010
Type: freewareCategory: Web Browsers

OS Support: Google Chrome
Keywords: google chrome

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