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Screenshot image for NVIDIA drivers for Battlefield 3 and Batman Arkham City

NVIDIA drivers for Battlefield 3 and Batman Arkham City
These new GeForce 285 62 WHQL drivers are free to download. They make a significant improvement on 3D games such as Battlefield 3, Batman Arkham City and Rage.

Screenshot image for Soluto

Soluto is an antifrustration software application that helps you find which programs are running slow, detecting which programs you can remove from startup and also providing help to recover from crashes.

Screenshot image for Dexpot 1.5

Dexpot 1.5
Create multiple desktops and workspaces. Each virtual workspace can contain different shortcuts, start menu programs and even start-ups. Using Dexpot you can organize your favourite things into manageable virtual desktops.

Screenshot image for Speccy v1.11 - Inspect Hardware, Drivers and RAM slots

Speccy v1.11 - Inspect Hardware, Drivers and RAM slots
Find details on all your computers hardware. Including; CPU model, motherboard, RAM slots in use, installed graphics card and model number, hard disks and audio drivers.


Screenshot image for Kinect SDK for Windows

Kinect SDK for Windows
The software development kit for Mircosofts motion sensor Kinect is simply amazing. Includes skeletal tracking for one or two persons, audio capabilities and XYZ depth for measuring distance from the Kinect camera.

Screenshot image for Landscape Wallpapers for Windows

Landscape Wallpapers for Windows
Download these fantastic landscape wallpapers for Windows. Includes scenic landscapes from around the world; Indian Desert, Easter Island Statues, Caribbean Island, English Village, Hawaii Beach, Dublin City, Hawaii Volcano, Sun Set, Waterfall..

Screenshot image for Windows 7 Theme Calendar 2011

Windows 7 Theme Calendar 2011
This excellent Windows 7 Theme gives you a beautiful 2011 desktop calendar. Each month of the year is shown in stunning HD quality and scenes range from wintery with snowy landscapes to summer months with hot climate tropics.

Screenshot image for Windows 8 leaked slides

Windows 8 leaked slides
Thanks to windows8italia.com we have a sneak preview of the new features of Windows 8, the next operating system from Microsoft. Leaked slide show contains details for facial recognition, fast startup strategy, windows store, touch display..

Screenshot image for Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor
If you are thinking of upgrading to Windows 7 then you should use the official Upgrade Advisor from Microsoft to check if your system is ready. Although upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7 is pretty easy, using the upgrade advisor is..

Screenshot image for Windows 7 Build 7007 Screenshots

Windows 7 Build 7007 Screenshots
Windows build 7077 is the significant development milestone in the production of the new Microsoft Windows operating system. Offered in both x86 and x64 versions for 32 bit and 64 bit systems respectively. Windows 7 is the next generation


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