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Soluto is an antifrustration software application that helps you find which programs are running slow, detecting which programs you can remove from startup and also providing help to recover from crashes.

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It's labelled as anitfrustration software because it helps to eliminate those situations when you PC just seems to slow down to a halt or stop completely! Using friendly analysis, graphs and messages, Soluto provides you with ways to tune your PC for a better PC experience.


Heal Crashes
Soluto not only shows you more information about a crash but it helps you prevent those crashes in the future. It might be an out of date dll or driver, or just a dodgy toolbar.

Faster Web Browsing
By analysing you toolbars, cached content and any potential spyware, Soluto is able to speed up your browser by performing essential housekeeping tasks.

Chop Boot
A great feature for making your PC load faster. By detecting slow running start up programs, the software will provide you with tips and guides on which programs you should disable. The final choice is up to you. So if Soluto finds that iTunes is a very slow start up program, then it will warn you and you can take a decision.

Soluto runs on most PC specs, including the older Windows XP SP2 machines but the software is more than capable of running on newer Vista and Windows 7 machines in both 32 and 64 bit.

Although you can do many of the tasks that Soluto performs manually, the software saves you time by already knowing where to look to configure and clean up your PC. You can forget having to Google and explore forums for answers any more!!

Note: The software is not aimed at advanced users.


Price: $0
Size: 2MB
Released: 08/2011
Type: freewareCategory: Utilities

OS Support: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Keywords: windows

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