Mortal Kombat 11 - Fatalities List for All Characters

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Every character in Mortal Kombat 11 has two Fatality moves that can be used to conclude a match with a cinematically gruesome finishing move. In this guide you'll learn how to unlock and perform ALL of the games fatalities for each of the characters.

Anyone who has ever played Mortal Kombat will know exactly what Fatalities are all about. Dating back to the very roots of the series, these secret finishing moves were perfect for rubbing salt into your enemies wounds at the end of a victory. Finishing moves were enough to make Mortal Kombat one of the most violent video games of the nineties. Whether it was Kano's heart ripping move, Scorpions fire breathing or Liu Kang's awesome dragon eating move, they have been (and probably always will be) an essential part of Mortal Kombat.

Just like in MKX, every character in MK11 has one Fatality unlocked by default and a second secret Fatality that's unlocked via RnG rewards or by knowing and performing the move during a match. By using the list below, you'll be able to perform each of the moves for each of the characters and automatically unlock the second move for free.

Update: The fatality list is now complete with every characters first and second fatality. Enjoy!

How to use a Fatality

Remember, Fatalities are finishing moves so they must be used at the end of a match by the winning player. Simply wait for the prompt that says "Finish him/her" and enter the move as described below. Each move has a valid range - make sure you're within the distance noted below to perform the move correctly. Some require you to be close to the opponent whilst others require a half screen of space.

Console reference

The fatality list below shows the controller button sequences for PS4. To convert to Xbox or Switch, use the guide below. The Nintendo Switch controller is the opposite of Xbox - the buttons are swapped e.g. Y (on Xbox) is X on Switch, A (on Xbox) is B on Switch. If you're using a PC controller, it's likely that you're using the Microsoft Xbox standard so follow the Xbox sequence.

PS4 Controller: Square, Triangle, X, Circle.
Xbox Controller: X, Y, A, B.
Switch Controller: Y, X, B, A.

See image below for the relationship between Switch and Xbox controller buttons:

Switch and Xbox controller side by side

Index (Click to jump to character)

Fatalities List


Food for Thought

The face pulling Fatality that ends with Baraka taking a meaty chomp out of the opponent.

PS4: Back, Down, Back, Triangle (Close Range).
XBox: Back, Down, Back, Y (Close Range).

Rock, Paper, Baraka

PS4: Back, Forward, Back, X (Close Range).
XBox: Back, Down, Back, A (Close Range).

Cassie Cage

I <3 U (I love you)

Cassie launches a shadow kick into the opponents chest, kicking out their heat. She then poses for the camera, making a heart shape with her hands through the opponents empty chest cavity.

PS4: Down, Down, Forward, B (close).

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Cassie launches a small combo before knocking the opponent to the ground. Her drone then comes crashing down from above, splitting the opponent into half. The drone concludes the finisher by aiming it's turret and blasting a hole in the opponents head. Lovely stuff.

PS4: Back, Down, Down, Back+Triangle (far).


Maintaining Balance

Cetrion uses the elements to splash the opponent, burn them and finally slice them with claw like rocks.

PS4: Back, Down, Forward, Down, Circle (mid).

Good And Evil (Second fatality)

Cetrion first summons a collection of rocks to trap the opponent before kicking their head. She then fires a huge blast of energy down from outer space which disintegrates the opponent.

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PS4: Back, Down, Back, X (mid).


New Species

D'Vorah unleashes a spew of green liquid which turns the opponent into a spider like bug that explodes from the inside out.

PS4: Back, Forward, Back, X (close).

Can't Die

PS4: Back, Down, Down, Circle (mid).

Erron Black


Erron starts by throwing one of his acid trap bottles on to the floor, forming a pool of acid in front of the opponent. He then uses a pistol shot to put the opponents face inches from the acid before finally pushing their head into the acid.

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PS4: Down, Down, Down, Square (mid).

Death Trap (Second fatality)

PS4: Down, Forward, Down, Triangle (mid).


Ice Sculpture

Frost uses her drill to hurt the opponent before implanting a detonating device that explodes causing the opponent to freeze.

PS4: Forward, Back, Down, Square (close).

The Cyber Initiative

Frost freezes the opponent before smashing them with a punch. She takes their brain and sends it to another cyborg for implant.

PS4: Back, Forward, Down, Forward, Circle (mid).


Phasing Through Time

Using his time shifting abilities Geras unleashes blows from the back and front, ending with a nasty blow to the back of the head.

PS4: Back, Down, Down, X (mid-range).
Xbox: Back, Down, Down, A (mid-range).

Peeling Back (Second fatality)

Geras summons a large rock before pushing the opponent into it. He them peels back the front of the opponent, like peeling skin off an orange.

PS4: Down, Forward, Back, Square (close).

Jacqui Briggs

Spider Mines

PS4: Forward, Back, Forward, X (mid).

Nothin' But Neck

PS4: Back, Forward, Back, Circle (mid).


Bow Before Me

Jade uses her pole to slide and opponent before finally poking the pole through the opponents mouth and out their head.

PS4: Down, Down, Forward, Down, Circle (anywhere).

Pole Dance

Jade extends her pole from behind the opponent, piercing it through their head before slicing them in half. She concludes the fatality by swinging the opponent round the pole like a "pole dance".

PS4: Back, Forward, Down, Forward, Square (close).


Coming In Hot

Jax implants an explosive device on the opponents back before pushing them away. The device explodes, propelling the opponent towards Jax who splits them in half with his glowing red arms.

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PS4: Forward, Down, Forward, X (close).

Still Got It (Second fatality)

Ps4: Back, Forward, Back, Down, Square (close).

Johnny Cage

Mr Cage's Neighborhood

Johnny snaps the opponent in half before using their top half to perform a ventriloquism act.

PS4: Forward, Back, Down, Down, Circle (close).

Who hired this guy (second fatality)

Probably one of the best fatalities in recent memory. Johnny performs his classic uppercut finisher but this time it requires several "retakes" to get the perfect movie star angle.

PS4: Forward, down, forward, X.


Road Rash

Kabal runs at the opponent, dragging them at high speed before teleporting in front of the opponent ready to slice them in half.

PS4: Back, Forward, Down, Forward, X (far).


Kabal slices the opponent in different ways using his hooks before completing the move through the opponents mouth.

PS4: Down, Down, Down, Circle (close).


Face like a dropped pie

Kano grapples his opponent to the ground before headbutting them several times until the head pops off.

PS4: Back, Down, Forward, Triangle (close).

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Last Dance (Second fatality)

Kano uses a bottle to hit the opponents neck before dancing with them.

PS4: Forward, Down, Down, Square (close).



Kitana throws a fan at the opponents chest before starting a fan spin that sucks everything out of them.

PS4: Down, Down, Down, Down, Triangle (mid).

Royal Execution (second fatality)

PS4: Down, Back, Forward, Square (mid).


For The Kollection

Using his many arms, the Kollector leaps on the downed opponent before tearing them to shreds. His final blow is to strike the opponent with their own head.

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PS4: Down, Down, Down, Down, Circle (close).

Head Lanter (Second fatality)

PS4: Down, Forward, Back, Square (close).

Kotal Khan

Totem Sacrifice

Kotal summons a pedestal from the ground before kicking the opponent into the side of it. Kotal follows up by kicking the opponents head before summoning a giant skull to crush from above.

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PS4: Back, Down, Back, Circle (close).

Kat Food (Second fatality)

Reminiscent of an Animality from the classic MK days, Kotal turns into his feline companion and eats the opponent alive.

PS4: Back, Forward, Back, Forward, Square (close).

Kung Lao

Headed Nowhere

Using his trademark hat, Kung Lao slices the opponent before teleporting and performing a "hat trick" to slice the opponents head as it flies through their body.

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PS4: Down, Forward, Back, Down, Triangle (close).

Meat Slicer (Second fatality)

PS4: Down, Forward, Down, X (close).

Liu Kang

Burn Out

Reminiscent of Bruce Lee's "one inch punch", Liu Kang starts this fatality by rapidly punching his opponents body before finishing off with a super punch that causes the opponent to explode.

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PS4: Down, Back, Down, Forward, Square (close).

Belly of the Beast (Second fatality)

PS4: Back, Down, Back, Forward, Triangle (mid).

Noob Saibot

Split Decision

Summoning several portals, Noob slices the opponent into several pieces.

PS4: Back, Forward, Back, Forward, Circle (mid).

Double Trouble (Second fatality)

Noob uses his razor sharp scythe to slice open the opponents body before injecting them with the soul of his counterpart. The clone emerges from within the opponent, ripping them to pieces.

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PS4: Down, Down, Down, Square (close).


Alternating Kurrent

A finishing move that makes good use of his red lightning and staff.

PS4: Back, Down, Back, Square (mid-range).
Xbox: Back, Down, Back, X (mid-range).

Direct Current (Second fatality)

PS4: Down, Forward, Back, X (close).


You're Next

The rotating slice move that ends with a roundhouse and spear catch.

PS4: Back, Down, Down, Square (mid-range).
Xbox: Back, Down, Down, X (mid-range).

Chain Reaction

Scorpion uses his fiery harpoon chain to slice his opponent.

PS4: Down, Forward, Back, Triangle (mid-range).
Xbox: Down, Forward, Back, Y (mid-range).

Shao Kahn

Back Blown Out

PS4: Back, Forward, Down, Down, Triangle (close).

Kahn-Sequences (second fatality)

PS4: Back, Forward, Back, Square (close).


Bloody Mess

Skarlet uses her special abilities to extract fluids out of the opponent before sending spikes back down from above.

PS4: Forward, Back, Down, X (mid-range).
Xbox: Forward, Back, Down, A (mid-range).

Heart Kondition

As the name implies, Skarlet targets the heart with this awesome finishing move.

PS4: Down, Down, Forward, Circle (mid-range).
Xbox: Down, Down, Forward, B (mid-range).


To the Choppa

Sonya summons an attack chopper to literally chop up the opponent.

PS4: Down, Forward, Back, Triangle.
Xbox: Down, Forward, Back, Y.

Supply Drop (Second fatality)

PS4: Back, Forward, Down, X (close).

Sub Zero


Sub Zero makes good use of his frozen axe in this move.

PS4: Forward, Back, Forward, Triangle (mid-range).
Xbox: Forward, Back, Forward, Y (mid-range).

Frozen in Time

Using a frozen double, Sub Zero unleashes a devastating end to the match that words struggle to describe.

PS4: Back, Down, Back, Circle (mid-range).
Xbox: Back, Down, Back, B (mid-range).