Mortal Kombat X - D’Vorah Variations, Fatalities and Brutalities

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D'Vorah is one of the new characters in Mortal Kombat X. She's a strange looking creature that's half human and half insect. She has pale yellow skin and insect like features such as multiple legs and wings that often appear during special moves. D'Vorah has total command over the insect world which is where the majority of her attacks originate.

In addition to a handful of core moves, D'Vorah has three variations that include: Boord Mother, Swarm Queen and Venomous. In the Brood Mother variation, her little bug sidekick called Krawler gives D'Vorah the ability to set up complex frame traps in a similar way to Reptiles forceball or Cyrax's bomb. This little bug provides protection during miss timed attacks or when D'Vorah is vulnerable following a blocked combo.

Her other variations give her a swarm of insects at her command or a poisonous cloud for on-going damage.

The move list on this page uses numbers to illustrate controller buttons on the Playstation and Xbox. The image below shows how each number relates to a button on each console:

Buttons KEY

Core Moves

Swarm Queen variation

Core moves coming soon...


Brood Mother

Gains the bug sidekick (Krawler) in addition to the Bug Blast special move. In this variation D'Vorah has her head cloak removed revealing her bald insect scalp.

Deploy the Krawler to provide protection from counter attacks. This little bug crawls along the ground, inching ever closer to the enemy. He intercepts counter-attacks should D'Vorah miss with a combo.

Bug Blast:
Launch a fast projectile at the enemy. Similar in nature to Reptiles acid spit attack. Like other projectiles this attack is strong enough to stop an opponent dead in their tracks.

Swarm Queen

Gains the Vortex Swarm and Wasp Grenade special moves. In this variation the character is surrounding by small flying insects which are an aesthetic effect only.

Vortex Swarm:
A vortex appears below the enemies feet, lifting them off the ground. Similar to Kitana's Rising Fan attack and a great combo starter.

Wasp Grenade:
Throws a projectile which travels full screen at head height. The weight of the grenade causes the projectile to arc, as if throwing a stone, but it never dips below chest height.


The final variation changes her appearance so that her hands are dripping what appears to be luminous liquid poison. Similar to Reptile's toxic variation, D'Vorah automatically inflicts light damage around her body to any close range opponents.


#1 Swarm Kill

D'Vorah fatality 1

At mid-range, D'Vorah throws a swarm of insects into the opponents chest which she then summons back, systemically causing the swarm to pierce through the enemies body, leaving several holes behind.

She then summons the swarm again to eat its way through the opponents face, leaving only the skull bones behind. The head drops to the floor and D'Vorah crushes it with her foot.


#1 Insect leg pierce

Insect leg pierce

At close range, D'Vorah uses her insect legs to pierce through the other players chest several times causing a simple but effective Brutality move. At the end of the move, the opponent stands stationary for a moment before flopping to the floor.

#2 Vortex Swarm Brutality

Vortex Swarm Brutality

Available only in the Swarm Queen variation, this Brutality is an extension of the Vortex Swarm special move. Like the normal Swarm move, the other player is lifted into the air but in the Brutality version the opponent is split into two once they reach the peak of the Vortex.

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