Mortal Kombat X - Kung Jin Variations, Fatalities and Brutalities

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Kung Jin is a new character in Mortal Kombat X. He's a shaolin monk who uses a bow and arrow as his primary attack. Across his three variations, Kung Jin can gain superpowers for his arrows, special staff attacks or a new Chakram projectile.

Anyone facing Kung Jin in the Ancestral variation is going to partake in a zoning match where projectiles rule the roost. His basic arrow attack is fast but offers little impact - that is until this variation comes into play! Ancestral offers several enhancements to the basic arrow causing increased damage, draining abilities or a stun weapon which is perfect for combo setups.

The second variation (Bojutsu) gives Kung Jin some close quarter attacks. His bow turns a glowing red colour and he gains close range staff attacks which are all about combo setups and extenders.

Finally in the Shaolin variation Kung gains an additional weapon called a Chakram which modifies his close range attacks but also serves as a new projectile.


The move list on this page uses numbers to illustrate controller buttons on the Playstation and Xbox. The image below shows how each number relates to a button on each console:

Buttons KEY

Core Moves

Kung Jin

Lunge Kick (Flip Kick)
Back, Forward, 3
A forward flip kick where Kung flips forward and lands a kick to the upper half of the opponent. The enhanced (EX) version provides armour for Kung preventing him from taking any damage from miss timed attacks or counter attacks.

Straight Arrow
Down, Forward, 2
A simple projectile, Kung fires an arrow directly at the opponent. The arrow doesn't deal a huge proportion of damage but its pretty quick. This arrow can also be aimed upwards as an anti-air defense move. The enhanced (EX) version fires two arrows.

Flying Kick
A super fast flying kick which knocks the opponent to the ground. Not too dissimilar to Liu Kangs flying kick.

Air Dive Kick
Down, Circle
Performed in mid-air Kung aims his flying kick downwards towards an opponent on the ground.



Kung Jin - Ancestral

In this variation Kung Jin gains the ability to empower his arrows with the spirits of his ancestors. This empowerment comes in the form of superpowers for his arrow attacks which include: fire arrows for increased damage; purple arrows which drain the opponents super meter; and finally blue arrows which stun the opponent.

Kung Jin also gains additional arrow attacks in this variation. These include a mid-air arrow, low arrow and arrows which can be fired at different angles for varying range.As you can see this variation provokes a projectile battle ground.

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Fire Quiver
Down, Down, 1
Changes the basic arrow into a fire version. This arrow causes around quadruple damage compared to the original.

Stun Arrow
Down, Back, 1
Changes the basic arrow into a stun version, which stuns the opponent for approximately 2 seconds following a successful hit. This is great for guaranteed combo starters.

Vampire Quiver
Down, Forward, 1
Changes the arrows into supermeter drainers. These arrows will suck from the opponents meter whenever they successfully hit.


Kung Jin - Bojutsu

The Ancestral variation was all about the arrows but Bojutsu is all about the bow which Kung uses for staff attacks. This is a close range variation which plays heavily on combo attacks and extending those attacks using new special moves. Anyone skilled enough to pull off flashy combos is going to love this variation.

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Staff sweep
Kung swings his bow, lifting the opponent up into the air for a combo starter.

Staff low sweep
Similar to the above but Kung sweeps twice to the legs causing the opponent to fall over.

Hammer sweep
A hammer-spin move where Kung spins round several times, swinging his bow several times into the opponents mid section.

Air fireball
Fires a fireball across the top of the screen, blocking the opponent from jumping in. This is his only new ranged move which is perfect for boxing in the opponent for the closer range staff attacks.


Kung Jin - Shaolin

The Shaolin variation gives Kung Jin a Chakram which is a circular disc with sharp edges. The disc can be thrown in multiple ways including low projectiles whilst crouching and high projectiles while jumping. The disc can also swerve upwards or downwards at the players command, but the best is the boomerang version which strikes both in front and behind the opponent.

Youtube logo Watch the YouTube video of Kung Jin's Shaolin variation

A glowing blue projectile which can be thrown in multiple ways including an enhanced (EX) version where the disc flies back like a boomerang.

Flying kick upgrade
The normal flying kick is upgraded so that it swoops up in the air. It can be combined with a final downwards smash for maximum effect.


Target Practice

Hold R2, Square

Used when up close.

Pinned Down

Kung Jin - Pinned Down Fatality

Hold R2, Triangle

Used at mid range. Kung Jin dashes in and flip kicks the opponents head off. He then shoots three arrows into the sky, hitting the head face on. The head falls to the ground at which point the force causes the arrows to impale further into the head. The final scene occurs right in front of the camera for maximum effect.