Mortal Kombat X - Mileena Variations, Fatalities and Brutalities

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Mileena is a female assassin character included in Mortal Kombat X. Although she's a clone of Kitana (one of the most beautiful characters in the game) Mileena is truly evil inside. She has a major deformity in the shape of large fang like teeth which are a result of her inception from sorcery.

Whereas Kitana uses Fans as her deadly weapon, Mileena favours her sais which are a traditional weapon used in Okinawan martial arts. The Sai weapon is essentially a pointed, prong shaped metal baton, with two curved prongs - which are traditionally used for trapping and blocking.

Mileena wears the trademark purple outfit which has changed dramatically over the series. Starting with a basic leotard in Mortal Kombat, Mileena moved onto more and more revealing costumes which ended up as a purple bikini/thong combo in MK9. In MKX, Mileena has toned down slightly but she still maintains the sex appeal that the fans love.

Opponents beware, Mileena may be beautiful on the outside but she's a beast inside. Her common moves include biting, teleporting and barrel rolls, but her fatalities are the most grotesque, usually featuring her biting off pieces of the opponent.

Mileena's three variations in MKX are: Ethereal, Ravenous and Piercing. Across these three classes she has access to invisibility and teleportation in Ethereal, extra biting moves in Ravenous and finally Sai specialization moves in the Piercing variation. In my opinion Mileena is one of the strongest characters a great choice for spectacular combos.


The move list on this page uses numbers to illustrate controller buttons on the Playstation and Xbox. The image below shows how each number relates to a button on each console:

Buttons KEY

Core Moves


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Tele kick
Down, Down, 3
Mileena teleports through the ground and drops down from the sky with a flying kick. The enhanced version contains a follow up combo where Mileena flips and kicks.

Ball roll
Forward, Down, 4
The traditional Mileena roll which knocks the opponent off their feet. The enhanced (EX) version contains a flip kick before the barrel roll.

Sai Blast
Forward, Back, 1
Throws a Sai horizontally across the screen directly at the opponent. The Sai leaves a luminous purple trail in its path. The enhanced version throws two projectiles.



Mileena Ethereal

Teleport and disappear for an extended period of time - the longer you hold down the final button the longer Mileena will disappear for. She can choose to throw her Sai infront and behind, then instantly reappear at the Sai's position upon the players command.

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This is the mobile version of Mileena that gives the player some interesting options to mix up play. It's also a great class vs a projectile opponent because the teleport move avoids all projectile attacks.

Teleport Forward
Throws her Sai forwards into the ground and then teleports to the location. Useful for teleporting behind the other player if they're very close.

Teleport Backward
Throws the Sai behind her, giving Mileena the option to teleport away quickly from attacks.

Disappear on the spot.


Mileena Ravenous

Gains a high and low pounce move in addition to more biting moves. Mileena is truly an "in your face" fighter in this variation and this is never more apparent than in her combo sets. In addition to standard punch/kick moves, Mileena's combos contain grab and bite moves that can be extended to repeatedly bite the other player.

Appearance wise, Mileena loses the trademark mask, revealing her deformed fangs in this variation.

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Low pounce (leap frog)
Down, Forward, 4
Mileena jumps over the other players head, swapping positions. On it's own this move simply changes fighter positions, but players can extend the move by tagging on additional attacks such as Sai stabs or kicks.

High pounce
Down, Forward, 3
Perfect for tacking on to the end of a combo move, Mileena jumps onto the other player and bites the opponents face. This bite can be repeated several times causing sustained damage to the other player.


Mileena Piercing

Gains more attacks that utilize her Sai's (sticks) such as a low split projectile as well as Sai combo attacks. Similar to the Ravenous variation you can also extend the Sai combo attacks several times.

Overall, this class is the middle ground across the three variations and is certainly a great choice for some huge combo moves.

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Low split
Mileena does the splits and throws the Sai directly at the opponent. Similar in every way to the Sai Blast move except it's a low projectile that the other players needs to block low or jump. The enhanced (EX) version throws two projectiles.

Fast sai stab
Just like the classic MK2 fatality move, Mileena repeatedly stabs the other player with her Sai's - a great punishing move when up close.



High Roller: Down, Back, 4
Tele Splat: Down, Down, 3
Impaler: Back + 2, 1, 2 + 4
Fun Ride: Back + 2, 2, 1 + 3
Early Lunch: Back + 1, 2, 1 + 3, Up Up 2


#1 Face Feast

Fatality 1

Down, Back, Down, Back, 3

From close range, Mileena uses her Sai's to remove the opponents head and then uses her fang like choppers to eat away at the players face. A truly awesome Fatality which bears all the hallmarks of Mileena's character.

#2 Tasty Treat

Forward, Back, Forward, Back 2

Used from close range.