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Division 2 - How to Get the Secret Diamond, Death and Cross Masks

Division 2 - How to Get the Secret Diamond, Death and Cross Masks

In addition to the Ghoul mask, players can also get a secret Diamond, Death and Cross mask for successfully defeating Hunters in The Division 2. In this guide I'll briefly discuss how to unlock these three very cool masks in the game.

First of all, if you've read the previous guide for the Ghoul mask then you'll have a pretty good understanding of what to expect. For these three masks it's going to be much harder because not only will you face a Hunter again, but this time you'll face ALL three at the same time. The rewards are plentiful though because each Hunter drops a unique mask which you're free to collect immediately afterwards.

The important part is to once again follow the basic rules:

  • 1) Find the spawn location
  • 2) Wait for nightfall

There's also a secret switch in this one which I cover below.

How to get the secret masks

1. Find the Christmas tree

Christmas tree map location

Study the map above carefully and head to the Christmas tree location highlighted by the yellow circle. It's in the East Mall area which is South East from the White House.

Look for the Pavilion Cafe and the circular monument with the unlit Christmas tree in the middle. The image below gives you a perfect view of this area:

Actual christmas tree near cafe

2. Activate the switch in cafe

Wait until nightfall then head into the Pavilion Cafe and flick the switch near the coffee machine and the till register. If done correctly, the lights on the nearby Christmas tree will turn on and three of the Hunter NPC's will now spawn in.

3. Defeat the Hunters

Fighting a Hunter

The best tactic to defeating the Hunters is actually to leave the area for a few minutes and return when they're distracted fighting other people in the street. With this distraction in place, use everything you've got to attack the Hunters, focusing on one at a time.

Remember to claim each of the masks from the fallen enemies as I'm not sure the masks will stay around if you fast travel or leave.

What do the masks look like?

Cross mask closeup image

Death mask - the Death Mask is another two tone mask with the top half in grey and bottom in black. The shape outline is that of a skull hence the name "Death" mask.

Diamond mask - this mask is a bronze/brown colour with diamond shapes where the eyes are.

Cross mask - easily the best mask out of the three. The Cross mask is a mixture of red and black, with a noticeable cross on the front. The best part however is the eye holes which are actually optical lenses!

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