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The Division 2 - How to Create a Clan and Join Others

The Division 2 - How to Create a Clan and Join Others

In the Division 2 you can easily create a new Clan and invite friends to join your group, or alternatively, join another Clan that someone else has created. In this guide you'll find simple instructions for both creating and joining a Clan.

Although The Division 2 can be played entirely SOLO, including both PvE and PvP content, there's nothing better than teaming up with like minded people to smash your way through the content. Deciding to Mic up and team up as you battle through end game content is one of the best experiences to be had.

Like most other games that cater for Clans, The Division 2 requires you to specify a clan name and an image (insignia) as a minimum. You also get the chance to specify additional details such as the Clans language, region etc.). These details make it easier to find clans that suit your native language and timezone. The clan name and image also follow you on activities within the game to signify that you're part of the clan.

Note, players will not receive Clan rewards when the clan has less than 4 members so make sure you invite enough players to make it worthwhile.

The Clan feature is not automatically unlocked at the start of the game BUT it is fairly early in the game - so it's therefore just a matter of knowing when this is.

How to Create a Clan

1. Recruit Grace Larson from the Theatre Settlement

Theatre Settlement

To unlock Grace for recruitment you must complete quests (main missions and side missions) from the Theatre Settlement. She's actually the 2nd NPC that you'll recruit in the game.

Grace is located on the top floor of the Theatre building. The map above gives you the exact location for this NPC.

2. Talk to Grace in the Whitehouse

Once recruited, Grace will reappear at the Whitehouse. Head back to the Whitehouse and talk to her on the East Wing, ground floor.

3. Create a clan

Congratulations, you have now unlocked the option to create and join Clans in The Division 2. When creating your first Clan, the game prompts you for:

  • Insignia
  • Name
  • Preferences (region, activities, language etc).

That's all you need to do!

How to invite friends to join a Clan

Inviting friends to join your clan is achieved through the pause menu and the Clan option:

  • Open the pause menu
  • Click on "Clan" in the top left corner
  • Roster
  • Add Member

This will add a person to your clan.

How to join another clan

A similar process applies when joining someone else's Clan. The Clan owner must follow the steps above to open the Clan menu option, select Roster and then select Add Member.

You can also search for Clans using the ingame clan search option - this allows you to filter by language, region etc. This choice is best for those without direct invitations, who want to join an open clan.

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