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The Division 2 - Fix for No Sound Issue and Freezing (Logitech)

The Division 2 - Fix for No Sound Issue and Freezing (Logitech)

The Division 2 is now available to those who purchased the Ultimate and Gold editions and we already have a fairly major issue for Logitech devices. In particular users are reporting no sound and major freezing on cutscenes. In this guide you'll find a solution for fixing the sound issues and avoiding game freezes.

So far we know that the affected devices are all Logitech components: Gaming headphones, speakers etc. It doesn't appear that the devices themselves are at fault but rather the Logitech processes that run behind the scenes are conflicting with the game. In particular the Surround Sound process is having major issues when running side by side with the game.

Players have reported that Alt tabbing out of the game and back in will fix the problem temporarily but it's not going to do any good long term - it's also a frustrating way to play the game!

Logitech gaming headsets are one of the most popular on the market and I suspect this issue is going to affect a large number of players. If that's you included, follow the solution below and hang tight for a software patch from Massive to address the issue soon.


  1. Until a fix is issued by Ubisoft then follow the solution below:
  2. Verify Game through launcher (just in case it's corrupted and issue is unrelated).
  3. Start Task Manager, select Processes, hit the "L" key to filter, look for the "Logitech Surround Service" (or similar name)
  4. Kill this task immediately.
  5. If this doesn't resolve the issue then find and kill the Logitech Game Software as well.
  6. Restart PC for luck.

Note, Logitech support have also suggested that users REMOVE the USB dongle from their computers and switch to regular sound output instead.

Affected devices


The following devices are all known to have issues with The Division 2 currently:

  • G430 - Gaming headset for PC (3.5mm)
  • G933 - Gaming headset for PC (USB, Surround)
  • G933 - Gaming headset for PC (USB, Surround)

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