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The Division 2 - How to Get The Secret Ghoul Mask

The Division 2 - How to Get The Secret Ghoul Mask

The Ghoul Mask is a unique cosmetic mask that players can find in The Division 2 by completing a secret mission. This mission is only available at night and in a particular location. Follow the guide below for exact steps to unlock the mask.

Once unlocked, the Ghoul mask appears under the players apparel section along with other clothing and cosmetics. It's a two tone, shaded green and black mask. It looks like something out of a horror movie and hence that probably explains why it's called the Ghoul mask.

Now before we start, this mask is pretty hard to unlock, primarily because you're going to have to take down a Hunter. As you may know, these NPC enemies are fast and move quickly like the player. There's only one guy to kill for this quest but trust me when I say this guy can one shot you easily!

How to get the Ghoul mask

1. Find the secret bunker

Ghoul mask - secret outbuilding

Go to the location shown on the map above (highlighted with a yellow circle). It's located in West Potomac Park, South East of Foggy Bottom and South West from Constitution Hall.

Head through the window of the outbuilding, jump over the railings to drop down to the lower level. Head through the door that has the blue "closed" sign on the front. Head down another staircase and you'll be inside another agents base.

2. Activate the map using laptop

Activate the map

On the table besides the hanging wall map is a computer. Interact with the computer and the wall map lights up, highlighting a particular location with a "moon" symbol. This symbol is your marker for the next location where you need to locate and fight the Hunter NPC mentioned earlier.

I'm fairly certain that you can't complete this task without first activating the computer so don't skip this step.

3. Defeat the Hunter

Map showing new marker with moon icon

A new marker will have appeared on your world map, it's in the nearby vicinity of West Potomac Park and not far from the outbuilding you're currently in. Look for the little moon icon beside it.

The map image above provides the exact location for this next waypoint which is a kind of wasteland with rubbish and junk strewn across the floor. The interesting point is the little hut in the middle:

Hut location shown during daytime

I've included an image of the hut during daytime so you can see what the location looks like. However, you MUST wait until nightfall before the Hunter NPC will spawn in and this task can be completed. Roughly speaking it takes 60 mins to pass from day to night

The best tactic for defeating the Hunter is to tempt him into the open. The bunker provides far too much cover and he's got a elevation advantage over you.

Eventually once killed, the Hunter drops the Ghoul mask for you to pick up, equip and show off to your friends. Enjoy!

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