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How to Fix Errors - MIKE, Delta and Romeo

How to Fix Errors - MIKE, Delta and Romeo

There are a number of different error codes for The Division but surely two of the most common are MIKE and DELTA, which can crop up when attempting to start the game and connecting online. Particular error codes are MIKE 20240078, Delta 20000933 and Delta 20010159 - all of which relate to server connection issues.

Like you, I have experienced these errors on many occasions and the solution to the problem is usually the same. The thing is, the error is caused purely by the servers at Ubisoft and not by your home router or internet connection. Surely you've been playing other games ok right?

Infrequent errors will be common on release day, major events and then DLC drops, but persistent error codes usually mean that something has gone seriously wrong at Ubi.

So what can we do about these errors?

Check The Division servers status

First up, watch out for the message that appears when you first start the game. It might say something like "The servers are currently down for maintenance". In this case it's scheduled maintenance and an appropriate post should appear on the Ubisoft forums.

The Ubisoft forum has a dedicated Announcements page that shows only the most important news and announcements for the game. It's not a place to post your own issues and therefore it's tidy and quick to check if there's a global problem or scheduled maintenance window.

Here is the link to the announcements page:


As an example, here is a maintenance announcement that was posted for the Beta in January. It discloses the maintenance window (3 hours) and also the start time in various time zones.


There is no friendly status page with little green ticks that shows the status of Ubi games unfortunately.

Over capacity or servers down

If there isn't a message displayed when you first start the game and you cannot find an announcement on the Ubisoft forum then it's likey that the servers are down. Possibly because of an overload of players, stress or simply because they're physically offline for some reason. It happens.

In this case you won't find an announcement and your next best option is to look to Twitter for real time updates via The Division account:


Or, alternatively check the Reddit forum to see if other players are having the same problem

Check the PSN/XBox network

If you're a console player then you've got the PSN and Xbox Live networks to go through as well, these can go down at times. So check the status page for your platform to see if general network problems have been reported - these will affect all games not just The Division.


Xbox Live

Unless there are major issues these services rarely go down for more than an hour.

Types of error

Error codes in the game follow the phonetic alphabet (police codes) such as Alfa, Romeo, Charlie, Oscar etc. Some of the different error codes are shown below. I'll try and update the list with new ones as they appear and offer suggestions for fixing them.

The Division services are not available at this time.

These error codes all relate to Ubisoft servers and the only fix is to attempt reconnections or wait for the network outage to subside.

  • Delta 20010159
  • MIKE 20240078
  • MIKE 2025383
  • ROMEO 10580100
  • Delta 20000933
  • Your account is temporarily unavailable

Known outages

Below is a list of some of the known outages:

8th MarchMike, Delta, RomeoLaunch night, major outage
11th MarchMike, Delta, Account UnavailableAll platforms affected
12th Dec 2017Mike, Delta1.8 Launch and Global Events. All platforms affected, Ubisoft will increase server capacity

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