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The Division 2 - Where to Find Printer Filaments

The Division 2 - Where to Find Printer Filaments

Printer Filaments (a purple item) are an essential crafting material in The Division 2 that are required to craft gear and Skill Mods from blueprints to improve stats and increase your characters potency. This elusive purple item might seem hard to find but this guide will help explain exactly where to find Printer Filaments, allowing you to craft rare and powerful skills.

After several hours of The Division 2, Skill Mods are eventually unlocked. These mods can be equipped directly to your skills, transforming them into more powerful and useful versions. However, before Level 10 there's no access to crafting high level skills, so if that's your current situation then take your time to work through more content and return later.

Where to find Printer Filaments

Arguably the best way to get Printer Filaments is to deconstruct existing Skill Mods. The resulting deconstruction will yield one or more Printer Filaments. Unfortunately, there's currently no other way to find filaments.

To improve efficiency, an excellent tip is to unlock the Deconstruction perk that increases the yield following a dismantle and also improves the chance of receiving a purple item. The initial level 1 of this perk will help yield more materials than before, whilst the follow on level 2 version helps to improve the chance of receiving rare items e.g. Printer Filaments.

How to deconstruct

Simply open your inventory and check the lower right corner for a Gear Icon (beside the Knee Pads). Select the icon to open a new screen and here you will find any Skill Mods you've collected. Simply select a mod and dismantle it from this menu.

Where to find mods

The next question on your mind is obviously "where do i find mods"? Well, like most other rewards in the game they are subject to RnG. The two best places to find them are via quest rewards and loot.

Some players have reported finding Printer Filaments from actual printers in the game but these are unconfirmed reports so far. I do believe that level requirements will improve your chances of finding mods though, increasing your level will help the game to be more favourable in dishing out better rewards. Once you have a high enough level and a repeatable boss spawn location, it should be possible to farm mods.

My best advice for now is to keep playing high level quests and defeating high level enemies. These will provide your best chance of collecting more mods for deconstruction and hence more Printer Filaments.

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