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All Maxis Easter Eggs Steps - Black Ops 2 Zombies Buried

All Maxis Easter Eggs Steps - Black Ops 2 Zombies Buried
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The Black Ops 2 Buried map has been out for a couple of days and we've got the Easter Eggs steps for Maxis for you. The Maxis side of the Easter Egg involves building the Gallows, destroying the orbs, bashing the signs and energizing the gallows.

The Easter Egg in Buried is a great EE and you'll certainly enjoy the Maxis side. As usual, Maxis is fighting against Richtofen and he's trying everything to thwart him. We believe that the Maxis side of the EE is the hardest so get ready..


To complete the Maxis Easter Egg you will need:

  • 4 players
  • Subsurface Resonator
  • Time Bomb

Step 1 - Building the Gallows

Black Ops 2 Buried - Easter Egg Step 1

Building the Gallows is the first step of the Maxis EE. You'll need to free Leroy and open a few barriers to achieve this step. We've got a complete tutorial for this over at:

Building the Gallows - All part locations

Remember to place the items on the Gallows construction area and not the Guillotine, otherwise you'll slip down the Richtofen side by mistake.

Step 2 - Destroying the Orbs

Black Ops 2 Buried - Easter Egg Step 2

To combat Richtofen, Maxis wants you to destroy the 4 orbs. We've got a tutorial for all the orb locations over at:

Orb locations

To destroy an orb you must have built the Subsurface Resonator and the Electric Fan (generator). All the parts for the fan and the resonator are located in the General store.

TIP: This one will really help you out. Did you know that you can feed Leroy candy near a workbench and he'll build the whole item for you? Yup, that ones going to save you a hell of a lot of time and money!

Now, place the fan and the resonator in front of each of the orbs to destroy them.

Maxis will tell you to capture the 'spirit of the lantern'.

Step 3 - Get the Purple Lantern

Black Ops 2 Buried - Easter Egg Step 3

Once you get rid of the orbs, the purple lantern will start hovering over the map, usually back in the town area. Head back there and get your grenades ready. The Lantern is bright purple so it's easy to spot.

Prime up a grenade and make it explore near the lantern. The Lantern should drop to the floor and a player can pick it up.

Maxis will say that the lantern is a 'vessel for energy' and you must find a method to manipulate the power of the undead. They will provide fuel for the lantern.

Step 4 - Use Leroy (giant zombie) to kill zombies and fill lantern

Black Ops 2 Buried - Easter Egg Step 4

Now that you've got the lantern it's time to get the energy from the undead. Leroy is going to help us with this part. Feeding him candy will make him kill zombies for you. During this important part in the easter egg, each time Leroy kills a zombie, a bell chime can be heard.

After each kill, the bell chime gets higher and higher until finally Maxis speaks to you again.

Step 5 - Placing the lantern

Black Ops 2 Buried - Easter Egg Step 5

Once the lantern is full with energy you can place it on the roof of the Gun Smith building. To reach the roof of the Gun Smith building you'll need to jump across from the balcony of the saloon. It's a long jump but if well timed it's possible.

You'll see a glowing lantern symbol so just place the lantern into the slot. The building animation will play as you're adding the part.

Once added, a cryptic message will appear on the wall.

Black Ops 2 Buried - Easter Egg Step 5 prt 2

Maxis will talk about 'brute force' and it's time to move on.

Step 6 - Bashing the Signs with Galva Knuckles

Black Ops 2 Buried - Easter Egg Step 6

In the mine tunnels there are several signs. Bashing the signs with Galva Knuckles will make them glow purple. You only need to swipe 3 of the signs but the order is important.

Important: Before you bash any of the signs, make sure you place the Time Bomb so you can repeat this step twice. This is very, very important!

Ok, the cipher on the wall is based on the tic-tac-toe sequence and each symbol is a letter. To help you understand this, you need to imagine an old style mobile phone keyboard. Each button has 3 possible letters. E.g. the first button is either A,B,C.

For the tic tac toe sequence, the first button is A,B,C and the last button is Y,Z,_

There are 9 buttons, in a 3x3 grid. All buttons are:

A,B,C    D,E,F    G,H,I
J,K,L    M,N,O    P,Q,R
S,T,U    V,W,X    Y,Z,_

On the wall cipher, the position of the red dash determines which letter of the 3 to choose. If it's on the left, it's the first letter, middle is second and on the right is the third.

Now, to determine which group of letters to use for each symbol, you need to examine which part of the tic-tac-toe is missing to complete the box. For example on the image above, in the first symbol the upper dash is missing and it's a U shape so we know that the sequence of letters must be D,E,F. Since the red dash is on the left, we pick the first letter D. That's the first word of the first row done.

Another example. The second symbol is in a C shape so we know that it's the RHS of the keypad which corresponds to letter P,Q,R. Since the dash is on the right, we choose the third letter which is R.

If the shape has only 2 white dashes, you use the opposite corner. E.g. on the third symbol above, the top left corner is completed so we use the bottom right corner of the keypad Y,Z,_

The cipher above decoded would read:


Hopefully that helps, but it's hard to explain.

Once you've bashed the 3 symbols, you'll see the purple wisp (glowing ball) moving rapidly round the map.

Step 7 - Follow and charge the wisp

Black Ops 2 Buried - Easter Egg Step 7

The purple wisp will navigate the map and you'll need to keep up with it. As it travels past zombies, make sure you kill the zombies to provide energy to the wisp. For each successful kill near the wisp, the size of the ball will increase.

If you do not provide enough sustained kills, the ball will shrink in size.

The final destination for the wisp is the Gallows and it'll fill one of the canisters. It's important to provide enough power to the wisp so it fully charges the container.

Maxis will say that the wisps energy has been exhausted and that he needs more time. You're going to need to use the time bomb to go back in time and repeat steps 6 and 7 to provide another wisp energy source for the gallows. If you didn't place the time bomb then I'm afraid you're going to find this part impossible.

Step 8 - Ring the bells and using switchboard

Black Ops 2 Buried - Easter Egg Step 8

Probably the hardest part of the EE and you're going to need 4 players to complete this step.

There are several bells scattered round the map. These are the locations:

  • Candy shop, second floor
  • Court house, on desks
  • Barn, upper level

There is also a switchboard in the ghost house (witches house), it's upstairs on the couch.

The key to completing this part is understanding which bell a particular person is ringing. The person standing next to the switch board can see which particular bell is ringing because it will light up on the board.

Black Ops 2 Buried - Easter Egg Step 8 part 2

Once everyone is familiar with which bells they have, you need to pull the level on the switch board to starting lighting up the pins. Then co-ordinate with the person who has that bell and get them to ring it as soon as the bulb lights up.

Successfully ringing the right bell will turn the switchboard pin green. Repeat this for every pin on the board as it lights up. If you make a mistake the board will reset.

If done successfully, Maxis will tell you to make your way to the fountain.

Step 9 - Make a wish

The final step of the Easter Egg is walking up the fountain and making a wish. Just walk up the fountain and press X.

Now you'll see blue sparks (similar to lightning) and there will be targets to hit - just like an old fashion fair ground game. The targets pop up in four areas:

  • Ghost Mansion
  • Court Room
  • Saloon (upstairs)
  • Near Jail cell

All four players must hit the targets simultaneously as they pop up.

What happens at the end of the Easter Egg

At the end of the Easter Egg you'll receive all of the Moon perks (7 perks). You'll also gain the 'Mined Games' achievement.

Buried - Easter Egg End

Maxis will speak for the final time and explain his plans which provide clues about DLC 4. Maxis says that regretfully neither the earth nor it's people will survive. Once the gate is open, Maxis says he will be reunited with his daughter - Samantha. Richtofen joins the conversation and reminds Maxis that even if Samantha is alive, she is in his body. Maxis finally says that if Richtofen is so eager to return to the physical world then he can grant him that wish.

Black Ops 2 Buried - EE End Perks


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