Batman Arkham Knight - Airships Walkthrough, Tilt Puzzle and Reaching the 2nd Airship

Batman Arkham Knight - Airships Walkthrough, Tilt Puzzle and Reaching the 2nd Airship

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Probably the hardest of the Arkham Knight puzzles to solve, the two airships contain a maze of access tunnels and hatches, making it very easy to lose your way. The tilt puzzle is also taxing and without the right guidance you can easily waste hours searching the airship.

In this walkthrough I'll be covering the airship mission which appears roughly 40% into the main story, at about the 6 hour mark. I do love this mission, especially the increased interaction with the Joker (Uncle J) who really makes the game shine.

If you like a video walkthrough then check the link below otherwise carry on reading for the full text walkthrough...

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After you've managed to disable the watchtower guarding the airships, it's time to track down Scarecrow but first you'll need to collect the Remote Hacking Device from Wayne Tower to help you through this mission - get this done first and then read on for the walkthrough.

Track down Scarecrow in the Stagg Enterprises Airship

Airship entrance

From the top of Wayne Tower, glide safely onto the airship and use the Remote Hacking Device to override the control panel. The tracking device puzzle is much like your Skyrim lockpick puzzle. Simply rotate the left panel until a beep is heard, then keep that position. Now rotate the right panel until the words "Exchanging Key" appear. Keep the dials in this position until the device is hacked successfully.

Once inside the airship use access tunnels to drop down to the lower levels. Then use the Remote Hacking Device again to override the flying drone so that it attacks the hostiles and then self destructs.

Tilt Puzzle - Airship Stability Controls

Airship Stability Controls

After hacking the doors open, make your way left to find the Airship Stability Controls and hack these. Now the tricky part of this mission - the tilt puzzle.

Batman has full rotational control of the airships stability systems now, but the Hacking Device will only work at short range of any control panel. Therefore, you've got to hold L1 and tilt the airship left and right to make objects move position - this will open new tunnels and shift objects closer to Batman's reach.

Tilt airship

Immediately turn around 180 degrees and use tilt to shift a large crate towards your position (see image above: yellow and grey crate through the window). Moving this create reveals a hidden access tunnel leading underground to the rest of the airship.Take the ladder leading downstairs.

Immediately use the tilt controls again to slide another crate out of the way. Head through the gap and into another new room.

Tilt to move crate

There are three large crates on the floor in this room. One of which has a red sign on the front. This is a locking mechanism that either allows the crate to slide or not. Use the hacking device to turn the crates sign to green.

Tilt to the right so all creates are aligned on the right hand side. Now turn the sign red again to lock the crates position. If you want to, you can grab the Riddler trophy on the left.

Now tilt left and a nice gap will appear in the middle of the room. Head through it.

three creates with lock

The next section is less about problem solving and more about combat skills. There's no need to prep for the fight, except to say that pay attention to the coloured symbols on enemies heads and enjoy racking up a large combo in this fight.

enemies in a group

How to get to the 2nd airship

Following a cutscene and fight with the joker the next objective is to get to the second airship. This puzzle was a real time waster for me because I searched the entire airship again and missed the hatch!

Don't make the same mistake, stay on the ground level and search near the window overlooking the 2nd airship. Look to your left and hack into the control panel on the wall. This opens the shutters of the airship, making it possible to go outside. However, if you try to do so the 2nd airship will fire at you - so it's time to get those guns shut down first.

open airship shutters

Now walk to where Joker is standing (to your right) and use the airships stability system again. This gives us the tilt option, ready to solve the next puzzle.

A new objective will popup: Destroy the weapon turrets on the second airship

Finding the hatch is the most important part of this next puzzle and also the most frustrating. Forget about exploring the rest of the airship for something you might have missed. Instead look under your feet for the hatch. It's right next to the stability controls that you hacked a minute ago:

hatch entrance leading to underground

Once underground use the same tactics you learnt earlier; lock and tilt the crates to open new paths that lead to the end of the room. Work your way upstairs and follow directions towards the research laboratory.

A locked circular door will block your entrance so grapple up and over the obstruction and through the shaft tunnel. The laboratory is occupied by a sizeable force with drones, use your silent takedowns and fear takedowns to get the job done quickly and quietly.

New objective: Reconstruct Simon Stagg's right hand print to access the turret control system

The final part of this mission requires you to find Stagg's fingerprints. There's nothing too complicated here, just watch the CCTV footage and select the frames where Stagg used his hand - the clues are fairly easy to spot.

Now use Detective mode to find the fingerprints which are always located next to the blue hologram bodies. Keep to the upstairs area otherwise you'll exit out of Detective mode.

detective mode

Once you've found all of the fingerprints, head back to the computer to disable the turrets.You now have free access to the second airship so grapple up to your left and head through the shaft.

New objective: Pursue Scarecrow across to the second airship

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