Batman Arkham Knight - Rescue ACE Chemical Workers Walkthrough

Batman Arkham Knight - Rescue ACE Chemical Workers Walkthrough

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Another of the tricky missions in the Arkham Knight, this walkthrough will help you solve those Batmobile puzzles and ultimately rescue the four Chemical Workers trapped inside the ACE Chemical plant.

This mission becomes available 10% of the way through the main story mission, roughly two to three hours into the game. The objectives and walkthrough solutions for each part of the mission are detailed below. The primary objective is to stop Scarecrow from detonating the fear toxin bomb.

This mission will test your use of multiple gadgets inparticular the Remote Controlled Batmobile and Explosive Gel.

If you prefer a video walkthrough, click the link below otherwise keep reading...

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Rendezvouz with Gordon at the ACE Chemicals plant

ACE Chemicals plant

The kickstarter for the rescue mission is a meeting with Gordon, just outside the ACE Chemical plants entrance. Use your gliding skills to swoop and ascend across Gotham city to make the 1.5 KM journey to the objective.

Shortly after arrival, Arkham Knight flies in to destroy the bridge into the Chemical Plant and a tonne of Drones appear on the other side of the gap.

The objective now changes to:

Rescue the missing ACE Chemical workers to get information on Scarecrow

Your first thought here might be to use the Power Winch to pull down the entrance and jump across the gap, but wait it's not time for the Batmobile just yet. Instead use the grapple to climb over the entrance and a little cutscene will play. Thankfully the majority of the militia will board a transport helicopter and leave the complex.

This leaves us with just a skeleton crew to takedown while we attempt to rescue the workers. From here I strongly suggest you avoid a direct fight because the drones in the middle area with tear you to shreds.

A better strategy is to turn left on the roof and head towards the shaft. Drop down and you'll be on the lower level, hiding under the grates. Now use silent takedowns in the nearest militia.

Perform as many silent takedowns as necessary to recharge your Fear Takedown, then use that to finish off more of the guards without raising suspicion. Now work your way through this side of the plant, using crouch and silent tactics to reduce the number of militia.

Once all of the militia are dealt with the Predator summary screen will appear and Batman informs you that it's safe to access the terminal. Go immediately to the terminal to learn more about the chemical workers you need to rescue.

The new objective now becomes...

Scan the ACE Chemicals plant to pinpoint the location of the missing workers

scanning chemical plant

Nothing too tricky about this next part. Ascend to the top of the Chemical Plant and use the remote controlled Batmarang to scan the area for the missing workers. Five markers will appear on screen, showing you the exact location of the workers. It's important that you rescue the workers in the right order.

1st Worker

Go for the worker nearest the chemical plant entrance first because it's easy and there's a control system in there too, allowing you to open the plants entrance for the Batmobile. So glide down without being spotted by the drones, land on top of the small shack.

fear takedown from roof

Fingers crossed you've got the Fear Takedown ready, so drop through the roof and dispose of the militia inside without compromise. Take note of the Gate Release (yellow) box on the wall, use the switch to open ACE Chemicals Main Gates.

Open the quick selection menu and choose the Remote Batmobile. Use the winch to create a ramp and fly across the gap and into the plant. Now use some quick skill to take out the drones using the 60 mm cannon. It's a large enough area so this isn't too difficult.

2nd Worker

Now use the Power Winch on the flimsy wall which is hiding the ramp up to the upper level, and the second workers location:

Batmobile on bridge

Drive up the ramp and don't be afraid to continue driving the vehicle all the way to the 2nd workers location (you need the vehicle to rip down another wall so don't exit and venture on foot).

Batmobile crushing wall

Head to the back of the small building and use the Power Winch to rip down the metallic looking wall, revealing the worker's location and more militia. Take them out with the Batmobiles minigun and investigate the area.

After discovering the worker, Arkham Knight will drop by for a visit and another chance to kill you off. This time the Remote Controller Batmobile is going to save our skin. Select the vehicle from the quick access menu and kill off some of the militia, following up with melee attacks for the rest.

After a short cutscene the objective changes to: Escort the ACE Chemicals worker to Gordon on the bridge. Nothing too difficult here just jump across the bridge and visit Gordon.

3rd Worker

The final three workers are the hardest to rescue simply because of the Batmobile puzzles required to access to upper levels of the plant.

It's to you which way you prefer to tackle the next part but ultimately you need to get the Batmobile over to the other side of the plant to take out the drones.

First of all, exit the Batmobile and grapple over to the far back of the plant. Head to the top of the building (high in the sky) and look downwards, towards the group of drones. Enter Detective mode and make a note of the room with four roof hatches, shown in the image below:

four roof hatches

Glide down and through the roof, take out the militia inside and take note of the crumbling wall which can be destroyed using the Explosive Gel (see image below). This opens the gap revealing gas pipes underground, it's impossible to venture any further without using the Batmobile.

gas pipe

So head back to the Batmobiles location and solve the puzzle to cross the gap between the two upper levels. The key to this puzzle is the large yellow crane, dangling over the gap. Forget about shooting it or using the Power Winch because there's no anchor points. We need to get on top of the crane itself.

yellow crane

Leave the Batmobile and grapple to the roof of the ACE Chemical plant, way up in the sky. Then switch to detective mode and you'll see a group of militia guarding the cranes controls. Make your glide downwards to the crane and take out the enemy with a drop attack followed by prolonged melee damage. Now the crane controls are yours to use.

Maneuver the crane to shift the position of the dangling ramp below. Align it with the upper platform, forming a ramp jump so you can jump the Batmobile to the other side:

ramp jump

Use the Batmobile to jump across the gap and follow the path through the Loading Dock, ready to destroy the drones at the rear of the plant. Once the drones are out of the way, you've got a clear shot at the pipe using the Power Winch to get rid of that obstacle from earlier:

Power winch through window

Pull it down and venture back into the small room to reach the 3rd worker - he's dead.

4th Worker

Head further into the underground tunnel. A circuit breaker is on the wall and another gas pipe needs to be destroyed. Use the circuit breaker to open the shutters so the Batmobile can take a clear shot, then using the Power Winch pull down the pipe from outside.

Explore the tunnel to find another dead worker.

5th Worker


The final worker is deeper underground and the passage is blocked by an elevator. Once again use the circuit breaker on the wall to open the shutter, then remote control the Batmobile to Power Winch the elevator. Pull until the elevator cage is at its highest position.

Crouch down and step into the elevator cage. Use the remote controlled Batmobile again to lower yourself down into the underground room. Now it's a final brawl to rescue the final worker who is still alive.

Congratulations you have accomplished one of the harder missions in Arkham Knight!

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