Batman Arkham Knight - Subway Tunnel Puzzles & Sneaking Past Drones

Batman Arkham Knight - Subway Tunnel Puzzles & Sneaking Past Drones

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Around 80% of the way through the main Arkham Knight story you'll be faced with a series of puzzles inside the subway complex in Port Adams. Adept Batmobile skill and sneaking past the drones is required to make it deep enough underground to help Poison Ivy.

These puzzles aren't as difficult as the others you've faced previously but yet again it's very easy to venture off without the Batmobile and get very confused. To help you make it through this objective read on for a complete walkthrough.

Before you reach the subway network you'll have completed the previous step - Use the Batmobiles sonar to locate and release Ivy's plant at Founders Island. It's quite an easy objective with a nice cutscene afterwards...but now onto the tricky stuff!

Gain access to the subway network via the elevator at Port Adams to get deep enough underground to release Ivy's plant.

tunnel entrance

The image above shows the entrance to the subway network. It starts off as a nice smooth tunnel with only a few obstacles in the way - presumably teeing us up for the puzzles ahead. At this point make a mental note of the tunnels structure - perfectly round and smooth on all sides. Sound like a clue right?

Now think back to the Riddler race tracks (if you've attempted those) and remember how you used to drive on the walls to avoid objects and cross gaps? Extend this principle and think about driving on the ceiling as well - yes the Batmobile can do this, although for a short duration only.

From start to finish, the obstructions will appear in the order described below:

1. Crane

Hardly worth mentioning but let's keep to the plan. Simply stay to the left to avoid this obstruction - which is the first one you'll come across.

2. Yellow Semi-Circle Gate

This sucker blocks half the tunnel but you can easily drive up and over the right hand side to get past it. Maybe a little acceleration will help but it shouldn't be too difficult.

3. First Barrier


Now the easy ones are out of the way you'll be presented with a solid barrier seemingly blocking access for the Batmobile. Please do NOT make the same mistake as me and grapple over the top looking for a switch. I did exactly that and although the game lets you travel seemingly miles into the tunnel you'll find that there's no magic switch!!

Instead reverse back if necessary and then accelerate at top speed with a little boost if required, then drive up the wall and stick to the ceiling to overcome this barrier. A good tip is to stop turning the car as soon as you touch the ceiling otherwise you'll do a full loop-the-loop and come crashing back down.

Continue driving to the next barrier, see below.

4. Second Barrier - with grate and sentry drones afterwards

tunnel under barrier

Ahhh….the sneaky fun part of the objective. Turn on Detective mode and make a note of the tunnel leading under the barrier to the other side. Jump down into the little underground tunnel and pass under the barrier.

How to get past the three drones using the Remote Hacking Tool

disable drone using hacking tool

The key to getting past these three drones is to understand their movement. The first drone and the second drone in the crevice are stationary, it's only the third tank which patrols up and down.

The key here is the patrol route that the third tank follows. It goes up and down the main tunnel, turning and repeating the route. The prime opportunity to progress is when this drone is near the end of the tunnel and facing the other direction (away from you).

So first, get the Remote Hacking Tool ready using the quick select menu. Use the Hacking Tool to disable (blind) the first drone while you're still inside the tunnel, then immediately pop out of the grate and stay close to the right hand side wall.

Walk slowly over to the next passage and keep Detective mode activated so you can see the drones movements through the wall. Walk cautiously to the edge of the wall and press R2 and X to hug the wall - this is a great way to peek around corners without exposing yourself to enemy fire.

peeking round corner

Wait for the third (patrolling) tank to turn around and start moving away from you. It won't be able to detect you from behind so long as it's far enough away. This buys you little time to focus on the tank which is hidden round the corner in the little crevice. If necessary blind the first drone again while you wait for the far tank to move well out of reach.

At the right moment, move round the edge of the wall and use the cover of the wall to peek at the tank in the crevice. Blind hiim using the Remote Hacking Device and move position again so you're facing down the tunnel, but peeking round the corner at the third tank.

third drone

Hopefully the tank has reached the far end of the tunnel and is in to the next room. Make a dash down the tunnel while the crevice drone is still blinded. Stop at the next sandbag area and wait for the third drone to turn around and come back through. As soon as it comes close enough, blind it and run into the next tunnel area.

There are many more drones waiting so immediately grapple up to safety.

5. Four drones and control switch

view from above showing control room

From the safety above, use Detective mode to scout the vicinity making a mental note of the blue highlighted window - the one with a smash icon on the front. Use the appropriate button to glide smash through the window and activate the switch in the small room.

This opens the barrier that was blocking the Batmobile and now it's free!!! Forget about venturing back to get it and instead select the Remote Batmobile option. Blast your way through the tunnel gaining vengeance on those annoying drones!

6. Barrier

Even though you've got the Batmobile back, there's a permanent barrier in your way again. Don't worry, just flick the switch on the left and hey presto problem solved.

7. Raised platform/ramp

raised platform/ramp puzzle

The first of the ramp puzzles - this ramp is too high for the Batmobile to use. So grapple and smash through the window of the small room on the right hand side, and after a short chat with Uncle J there's time to flick the switch to tilt the ramp.

Now take a short run up and fly the Batmobile over the gap to the upper level.

8. Barrier


Another of the familiar barriers and another sad story to tell. I made the mistake or grappling over the barrier only to spend half an hour running through the tunnel and then having to retrace my steps back again, which was made even harder by the buggy water area that's almost impossible to cross backwards….ahhh should have listened to my own advice right?

So back to the moral here, do NOT grapple over this barrier. Instead take a long run up and drive up the sides and over the wall.

9. Water

water obstruction

The first and only water barrier in the subway tunnel. Again just drive fast and up the walls to avoid the deadly water below.

10. Ramp tilt puzzle

tilting ramp

As you race your way through the rest of the tunnel, you'll reach a hard right turn and a familiar looking ramp in front of you. There's a significant water gap preventing you from just driving on through.

Just like the other ramp puzzle from earlier, this ramp is controlled by the little switch in the room to the right. You can either grapple through the window, or grapple then roll/flip your way to the switches location. Flick the switch to unlock the ramp, and take note of the ramps new position - it's a 45 degree ramp but it's facing the wrong direction.

Access the Remote Controlled Batmobile in the quick menu and drive the car over the ramp to the other end. It'll tip over from the weight, thus forming a ramp that we can use to jump over the gap. However, there's one more thing to do. Make sure you switch back to Batman and flick the switch to lock the ramp in that position.

The ramp is now locked tight, ready for you to take a good run up and jump the water gap.

There's nothing else holding you back now so keep racing through the tunnel and eventually you'll get the cutscene with Ivy's plant and the epic cloudburst tank battle commences!

poison ivy plant cutscene

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