Batman Arkham Knight - How to Change Skins and Unlock New Ones

Batman Arkham Knight - How to Change Skins and Unlock New Ones

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Arkham Knight comes with a small but respectable selection of skins that players can unlock and use at anytime during the campaign. Some of these skins are automatically unlocked by progressing through the game whilst others are DLC downloads - none of them require you to finish the game.

So let's take a quick look at how you can change skins, download new ones and also a look at the full skin gallery. Some skins are not available right now but the list will be updated as more of the game is discovered and also as new DLC becomes available.

If you prefer the quick walkthrough video then click the link below, otherwise full instructions are below:

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How to change skins

Skins cannot be changed dynamically during the game. Instead, players need to exit out of their current session and back to the main menu screen.

From the main menu:

1. Select Showcase

Showcase menu option

2. Scroll to the "Players" or "Batmobile" section

Showcase - Players section

3. Highlight a skin and press the appropriate button to change skins (Square on PS4)

change skin screen

How to get new skins

Batman front view

At the start of the game Batman uses the classic Post Arkham City skin (Batsuit v7.43) which is a traditional looking Batsuit with grey semitones. Later in the game you automatically unlock the upgraded Batsuit from Lucius. This is known as the Batsuit v8.03 and the caption reads "a new suit for a new enemy".

Style wise the v8.03 suit is darker in colour, certainly more black than grey. The suit also has more defining sections and rivets, pushing more towards a cybernetic model - it's stronger and comes with more high tech options for Batman to utilize..

As for other skins, these are unlocked via DLC which you can download either through the Downloadable Content menu option (see image below) OR using DLC codes on the Playstation store page.

DLC menu option
DLC menu option

Either the Season Pass or a DLC code is required to download content: which you receive inside the game case, through pre-order emails from certain retailers (e.g. Amazon) or through promotions on Facebook, Twitter etc. Whatever the case, entering the correct 12 digit DLC code will automatically add the download to your console (or PC) and unlock in the Showcase item thereafter.

The screenshot below shows the download progress of the DLC skin pack for the PS4 - this pack includes the 3000 skin, the classic TV show skin and also the classic TV show skin for the Batmobile:

DLC download progress

Full list of skins and how to get them

Batman skins

The table below shows additional skins for Batman and how to acquire them:

  • Standard Batsuit v7.43 - default skin that's available at the start of the game
  • New Batsuit v8.03 - complete the Panessa Studios Antenna mission
  • Gotham Knight - Register for a WBPlay account and login, then download this one for free.
  • New 52 Batman - available to everyone.
  • First Appearance Batman (Detective Comics #27) - anyone who preordered the game will receive this skin for free.
  • Batman Beyond - exclusive to PC Steam preorders.
  • The Dark Knight Returns (Frank Miller) - again, another PC Steam preorder skin.
  • Justice League 3000 Batman - a Playstation 4 exclusive that's available to anyone who preordered the game.
  • Adam West Batman (Classic TV series) - a Playstation 4 exclusive that's available to anyone who preordered the game.

Batmobile skins

In addition to new skins for Batman you can also get new skins for the Batmobile. There's one for the classic TV show car and a prototype which is exclusive to certain retailers. The list below shows each of the Batmobile skins and how to get them:

  • 1960's Batmobile (Classic TV series) - Playstation 4 exclusive.
  • Prototype Batmobile - Preorders from Walmart get this (US only).

Full gallery

1966 Batmobile skin
Classic 1966 Batmobile skin

1966 Batman skin
Classic 1966 Batman skin

Justice League 3000 Batman skin
Justice League 3000 Batman skin

More gallery images will be available soon...

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