Batman Arkham Knight - Secret Weapons with Map Locations

Batman Arkham Knight - Secret Weapons with Map Locations

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The Dark Knight has a great selection of basic gadgets but there's also a set of secret weapons in the game. Many of these are hidden in the map whilst others are unlocked through missions. In this guide I'll show you exactly how to find these weapons and explain what each of them can do.

It's amazing but some of these weapons are staring you right in the face at the beginning of the game, yet without the right exploration you'll never stumble across them. Believe me, you'll be missing out on some really good gadgets if you pass this information by.

Veteran players will instantly recognise some of these weapons, many of which have appeared in other Batman games from Rocksteady. There's the awesome Remote Electrical Charge which makes for the perfect quick fire weapon, and also the next generation Disrupter that will certainly become you go to weapon before a fight.

Remote Electrical Charge

Remote Electrical Charge quick select icon

First up is the Remote Electrical Charge (REC). A weapon that fires an electrical charge that stuns enemies and is particularly good when up against large thugs and mini-gunners, buying you a little extra time to perform beatdowns.

The REC weapon is found hidden in the Gotham Police Department (GPD) which you visit early in the game to lockup Poison Ivy. Check the GPD map and make a note of the large room at the bottom right of the map (see image below) - this is where you'll find this and many other great easter egg type items.

Gotham Police Department map

Head to the far end of the room to the glass display cabinet containing Electrocutioner and Anarkry memorabilia. Smash the glass between the two windows to gain access to the Remote Electrical Charge weapon.

Remote Electrical Charge in cabinet

Using the REC

Once you've picked up the weapon it appears in your quick selection menu (down on D-Pad to open) - it's the little lightning bolt just below the Explosive Gel gadget. But don't automatically select this weapon just yet because it's strongest asset lies in the form of a quickfire trigger.

During combat you can hold L2 and press Circle (on PS4) to launch a quick fire electrical charge, stunning anyone in it's path. Furthermore, this weapon can be repeatedly spammed to stun many opponents in a short space of time. Combine this with regular combat moves and you'll be untouchable!



As you might expect, Wayne Tower is the key to one of the secret weapons in Arkham Knight. I'm not 100% convinced how secret this weapon is though; I mean you can uncover its secret location but Lucius withholds the weapon until the following evening. Whether it's coincidence or not, the weapon becomes available during a regular mission with Nightwing - whether you get the weapon without using the secret button I'm not sure but I've included it here anyway.

This hidden location is accessible anytime during the game so long as you visit Wayne Towers, in the far bottom right of the map. Glide to the top of the tower to gain entrance to Lucius Fox's office.

Then head to the bookshelf and pull the statues head to activate the secret chambers. Two will pop-up in the middle of the room. One contains an inaccessible Batsuit whilst the other contains the Disruptor weapon. At this point Lucius will talk to you and say that he had hoped to keep the weapon under wraps until it's ready but he'll have the prototype with you by this evening.

Lucius with Disruptor weapon

Later in the story mission when you team up with Nightwing, he'll give you the Disruptor to track the shipping cars leading to Penguins weapon caches.

Using the Disruptor


The Disruptor is a silent and non-lethal weapon that can be used for tracking vehicles and sabotaging weapons and equipment. Batman can take aim at enemy weapons to completely disable them or pinpoint ammo caches to prevent the enemy from restocking their ammo during fights.

It's a great prep tool that you'll use many times before the heat of a fight.

More secret weapons coming soon...

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