Batman Arkham Knight - Fan Puzzles and Rescuing Gordon Walkthrough

Batman Arkham Knight - Fan Puzzles and Rescuing Gordon Walkthrough

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Towards the very end of the Arkham Knight story the game tests all of the skills that you previously learnt, in a series of cascading puzzles. In particular the fan puzzles require a combination of good detective work, multiple gadgets and the remote Batmobile.

In this walkthrough I'll guide you through all of the puzzles in detail, helping you overcome the obstacles and avoid wasting too much time. There are certain parts of the mission that aren't too obvious and without the right guidance you'll end up going round in circles!

First up, the objective at this point is:

Track down Gordon and work with him to take down Scarecrow

You will have just left GPD after successfully defeating the cloudburst tank and are now on the trail of Gordon, who's gone off to fight Scarecrow alone - damn fool!!

1. Gain access to Killinger's - the department store

Killinger's department store

After following the objective waypoint you'll arrive outside of Killinger's department store, without any obvious way into the building. Switch to detective mode and check the floor for the circular Service Hatch - hop in and go underground.

2. Open gate using submerged generator

submerged generator

Take a left turn and follow the path to a submerged generator. This is a simple puzzle where you must avoid electrocuting yourself. It's also a gentle introduction to using the Remote Electrical Charge (REC) to power up certain items in the game.

Equip the REC, point and aim, then press R1 to turn off the generator. The water is now safe to cross without getting electrified. Cross the water and turn 180 degrees so you're facing the generator again. Point the REC and turn on the generator, followed by an additional shot to power it up.

The locked gate (behind you) will now open.

3. Instruct guard to open outside gate

voice synthesizer

Follow the path round and grapple up and through the grate. Walk underneath the floor to the next room full of guards that are surrounding Gordon.

The key to this part of the puzzle is to trick the guards into opening the outside gate for you. Equip the Voice Synthesizer and target one of the guards, then select the control switch so he opens the outside gate.

Immediately switch to the Remote Batmobile and clear the room by shooting at the guards.

4. Open inner gate, leading to the fan tunnel

gate leading to ventilation tunnel

Having cleared the room you're now free to exit the grate and explore the room. Take note of an anchor point on the ceiling and then ignore it for now. This anchor point will be used a little later when it comes to the Power Winch part of the puzzle.

For now, face the blocked gate and turn right. There's a control switch on the wall - activate it to open the inner gate.

5. First ventilation fan puzzle

first fan

Walk into the new section and take note of the huge fan down below, this fan will instantly kill you if you fall so be careful. Now take note of the two structural weaknesses which appear if you activate Detective mode (see image above).

The lower wall is reachable whilst the upper and much higher wall isn't for now. Grapple into the middle of the ventilation shaft, perching on one of the thin beams. Then switch to the Remote Batmobile and line a good shot all the way through the building, hitting the lower wall and breaking it apart

Grapple into the small room and flick the switch, this opens the outside barriers which prevent the Batmobile from driving into the building. Now's the time to use the Power Winch to hook onto that Anchor Point we spotted before. This one isn't for pulling down any walls it's to help the Batmobile dangle like a spider.

Rotate the Batmobile round and lower the car into the ventilation shaft - not too far otherwise the fan will smash it to pieces. Then aim upwards towards the breakable wall, fire and the jobs done.

6. How to disable the fan

rotating generator

Grapple your way up to the new little room and make a note of the rotating generator on the right hand side. This object is key to disabling the fan below. Batman will give you some rather confusing clues here that make you think there's another power switch somewhere - but the truth is there isn't one.

Instead, arm the Remote Electrical Charge and fire four or five times at the generator, making sure you fire in between the rotating shield. On the last successful hit the generator will explode and the fan below will stop.

7. How to get past the second fan

second fan

Now that the first fan has stopped you can safely glide down on top of it. There's another breakable wall in this part of the ventilation shaft so repeat the previous steps and use the Remote Batmobile to dangle down and blast through the wall.

Glide over and knock down the enemy before fighting off the rest of the group. You'll be able to see the second fan from this location and once again it's rotating at a high speed, more than enough to kill you instantly.

Rather than having to disable this fan (just yet) we're going to bypass it and find an alternative route downwards. Whilst inside the little room, turn right and you'll notice the elevator with the word Lobby written up above.

elevator box

Grapple over the side and drop down into the elevator box. Use the Remote Electrical Charge to shoot the box on the floor (repeatedly), forcing the lift to descend to the bottom..


Use the Explosive Gel to blast through the weak wall and fight off the two militia inside the room. Pull the switch on the wall and make your way back to the lift. Climb on top of the elevator box this time and step onto the ledge. Now shoot the box on top of the elevator to force it to ascend, thus revealing the pathway underneath.

Follow this hidden pathway, through the grate into a much large room full of militia:

militia fight

It's time for a good fight so get ready to enjoy some of those special combos as you clear out the militia in this room. After the fight, flick the switch on the wall.

Now that you've reached the very bottom of the ventilation shaft head back towards the shaft and glide to the right hand side, there's a gap to another tunnel section with a sentry drone:

sentry drone tunnel

Blind the drone using the Remote Hacking Tool then take a right turn and grapple up through the narrow shaft.

At the top of the shaft is a new room with the generator required to disable the second fan. Repeat the familiar process by shooting the generator four or five times to make it explode.

8. Get the Batmobile to the lower level

lower level

Without the second fan in the way you can remote control the Batmobile and lower it down as far as it will go. Once down below, use the Power Winch to attach to one of the anchor points, make sure you're on the left hand side of the wheel and reverse hard to make the platform descend downwards.

Descend as far as you can go and head through the opening and you'll spot the same sentry drone again. Blast it away and let Batman hop into the car.

Repeat the Power Winch move but stay on the right hand side to ascend slightly, until the breakable wall. Blast through the wall and you're free to take on the Excavator boss.

Congratulations you've finished the last of the difficult puzzles in Arkham Knight!!

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