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Keeping the zombies tradition going, Treyarch have included a number of Easter Eggs in the Black Ops 4 Blackout open world. These secrets include throwbacks to past maps, subtle lore hints, secret songs and many others. In this guide you'll find a list of the best Easter Eggs in Blackout together with map locations to help you find them yourself.

It's very early days but at the time of writing we have seen the famous mystery box Teddy Bear, the classic Verruckt Easter Egg song (which is where it all started), a medieval painting that clearly hints at the Wolf Bow from Der Eisendrache and a replica of the boxing ring from Black Ops 3's zombies launch map - Shadows of Evil.

These are only the ones we've found on day one. As new Easter Eggs are discovered, the list below will be updated with the best additions, so check back after a few days to see an even longer list of secrets.

Easter Eggs and Secrets

Verruckt toilet secret song

Verruckt toilet area

The Verruckt map was where the Treyarch Easter Egg tradition first started. Verruckt was the second zombies map to come into existence, back in the days of World at War. By flushing each of the toilets on the first floor, the outstanding song called "Lullaby for a Deadman" begins to play.

The very same Easter Egg is included in Blackout too. Make your way to the Asylum region of the world map, enter the insane Asylum building and navigate your way to the upper first floor. Eventually after navigating the narrow corridors you'll come across the bathroom/toilets. Interact with the working toilet three times (so you hear the flush sound three times) - the song should start to play.

Mystery box teddy bear on roof of Asylum

Mystery box teddy bear on roof of Asylum

The famous mystery box teddy bear makes an appearance in the zombies infested Asylum area of the map. Asylum is one of the named regions on the map, to the north eastern side, where the Buried maze is also located.

Treyarch zombie fans will know that the teddy bear is significant in several ways. Most notably, when spinning the mystery box too many times, the box disappears to the sound of laughter and is replaced by a teddy bear. The teddy bear has also been used historically as an Easter Egg step, for example in the Ascension (rocket launch map), players could interact with several bears to unlock the secret map song called "Abracadavre" by Elena Siegman and Kevin Sherwood.

To find this teddy bear in Blackout, climb to the very top of the Verruckt insane asylum building (as shown in the image) and you'll find the replica bear perched on the roof.

Update: There are several other bears in the vicinity of the asylum building including one on the piano and one on the wheelchair.

Wolf king painting

Wolf king painting

If you played the entire DLC season of Black of Ops 3 it would be hard not to agree that Der Eisendrache was the best map. Not only was the Easter Egg amazing, the map contained a range of excellent Wonder Weapons that came in the form of magical bows that all stemmed from the Wrath of the Ancients.

One particular bow was the Wolf Bow, a magical bow that unleashed phantom wolves to destroy zombies. As part of the unlock process, players had to interact with several wolf paintings in the right order.

As a throwback to the map, Treyarch have included one such wolf painting in Blackout. To find this reference, head to the Nuketown island and navigate through the bunker system (there are two entrances, the tunnel at the rear of the island is best). Work your way to the lower level of the bunker and you'll see the painting on the wall.

Update: Explore the bunker a little further until you see the diner area. A mysteriously familiar song will be playing in the background. It's the Tranzit loading music!

Boxing gym from Shadows of Evil

Boxing gym from Shadows of Evil

Shadows of Evil was the launch zombies map for Black Ops . It was a strange twist on the zombies mode that first introduced the concept of the Shadow Man and Margwas. As part of the larger Easter Egg, players had to complete rituals in each of the maps main regions.

One such ritual took place in the boxing ring / gym.

As a reference to this memorable location, the Blackout map also contains a replica gym like the one seen in Shadows of Evil. To find this gym, head to the area between Rivertown and Firing Range, then search inside the large building close to the river.

115 reference in Factory

115 reference in Factory

Element 115 is the foundation of the zombies story. Sent into dimensions by the Apothicons, it was first discovered by Maxis and Group 935 but also the Germans in WW1. It is responsible for creating the zombies we know and love in Treyarch's Call of Duty game.

As a subtle reference to its importance, an electronic sign in the Factory area of the Blackout map shows the number 115 as a response to the number of "days since last accident". Factory is one of the named regions to the south of the Blackout map, the sign is pinned to the wall of one of the buildings.

Update: There are other references to the number 115 in the map, including all of the clocks inside buildings in the above ground area of Nuketown.

More Blackout Easter Eggs coming soon...

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