"Dead of the Night" Confirmed as Black Ops 4 DLC 1 Zombies Map

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"Dead of the Night" has been officially confirmed as the DLC 1 zombies map for Black Ops 4. Dead of the Night introduces four new playable celebrity characters and is a prequel to the Chaos storyline that's set in a haunted mansion.

Update: DLC 1 is out now. Follow the complete Easter Egg guide for Dead of the Night and attempt to unlock the ending cutscene.

Following the massive (reputation damaging) play tester leak several weeks ago, we all knew that DLC 1 would include a zombies map to extend the Chaos storyline. We had all hoped for an Aether map that would continue the story of Richtofen, Dempsey, Nikolai and Takeo, especially following the emotional ending to Blood of the Dead, but that is not to be.

Long time fans will be pleased to know that Aether storyline content is planned for the near future though, whether this turns out to be DLC 2 or a mid DLC content release we shall see. Far into the future there's also rumours that Chronicles 2 will make an appearance in late 2019 and that's going to be packed to the brim with Aether map remakes.

About Dead of the Night

Dead of the Night

Dead of the Night is infact a prequel to the Chaos storyline that's set before Voyage of Despair and IX. The map takes place in a haunted mansion with werewolf zombies and ghosts introduced for the first time in Treyarch zombies. This is not to say that Treyarch haven't tried creepy maps before. Verruckt, Mob of the Dead and to some extent Kino were creepy in their own way; but this is really the first time we can say that ghosts have been a major part of any Treyarch zombies map.

Dead of the Night - DLC store screenshot

The official description for the map reads:

England, 1912. Associates of the relic hunter Alistair Rhodes, including a pseudo seer, a show cowboy, a retired general and his loyal butler, are invited to participate in a grand ball. But no one suspects the horror that awaits them.

There's also a new Wonder Weapon in DLC 1 and it's an upgradable Ray Gun. It makes perfect sense that a non-bullet weapon is the Wonder Weapon given the level of paranormal activity in this mansion setting. I have no doubt that the weapon will also play a huge part in the Easter Egg hunt.


There has been no word on an official trailer just yet but we expect Treyarch to address this very soon since the full map name and description have been leaked.

Check back soon for the linked YouTube video.

New Characters

Dead of the Night - new characters

Four new characters make their appearance in DLC 1, the image above shows each of them. They are a pseudo seer, a show cowboy, a retired general and his loyal butler. These are celebrity characters, completely separate to the ones we're introduced to in Voyage of Despair and IX.

Release Date

Dead of the Night downloading

Update: It looks like DLC 1 will drop on 11th December 2018 for PS4. Pre-load has started already on PS4.

DLC 1 will be available in mid December for PS4 first and then a month later for both Xbox One and PC. Players with the Black Ops 4 Pass are granted access to DLC 1 on the first day whilst others can purchase the downloadable content from their appropriate digital store.

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