Blackout - How to Get Zombies Weapons Including Ray Gun and Monkey Bombs

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Treyarch's new Blackout mode contains a huge mashup of multiplayer, single player and zombies content into a huge Battle Royale arena. In this guide, I'm going to cover some of the zombies content you can experience in Blackout together with details on how to get hold of a Ray Gun, Monkey Bombs or other Wonder Weapons.

First, let's take a quick look at how zombies is incorporated into Black Ops 4 Blackout.

The Blackout map is pretty big, taking approximately 5 mins to traverse from one side to another. Throughout the landscape, many multiplayer maps have been blended into the environment along with a handful of zombies snippets such as the Town diner, the Buried Maze and the Verruckt Asylum. See the zombies Blackout map for details on where to find these areas.

Vonderhaar has stated that zombies will appear randomly (at set locations) on the Blackout map. These small hordes of approx 5-8 zombies will be highlighted by a bright beam of light, similar to the light which shines on the mystery box in the actual zombies mode. Zombies have increased AI in Blackout compared to previous games - they're faster and smarter than before.

With each zombies spawn also comes a "zombies supply cache". These are "mystery box" treasure chests containing zombie specific loot such as weapons, perks and equipment. The cache is typically hidden deep inside the zombies infested area, sometimes indoors or even underground. You'll have to fight off the horde first before having a chance of claiming the chest for yourself.

Besides the chest itself, killing zombies will also drop loot. This loot can include smaller consumables such as health refills, ammo and perks. The downside of actively killing zombies is that it draws attention to yourself - giving other players a pinpoint to your location on the map.

So what can you expect to gain from a zombies supply cache? Well, this is the million dollar question. We know from Vonderhaar that one of these caches has a chance to contain zombies content such as the Ray Gun, Monkey Bombs or Zweihander. Since it's a zombies themed cache, we could also expect to pick up any number of Wonder Weapons such as a Thunder Gun, Paralyzer, Blundergat and maybe even the Origins staffs!

Everything will be controlled by RnG of course, so like the mystery box, you shouldn't expect to pull a Ray Gun out first time!

So there we have it, if you're looking to try zombies weapons in Black Out then keep your eyes open for the bright beams of light, hunt down the zombie hordes and collect the cache hidden within - all while surviving against other Battle Royale players looking to do exactly the same as you!!

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