Blackout - Where to Find Helicopters With Map Locations

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One the best vehicles in Black Ops 4 Blackout is of course the helicopter, a flying people carrier that you and your teammates can use to scout out the enemy. In this guide I'm going to help you understand where helicopters spawn on the map so you can grab one first!

For new players, the helicopter is a tempting prospect, along with boats, ATV's and trucks. However, don't make the mistake of thinking that you're invincible inside one of these for even I have seen a helicopter pilot taken out by a ground level sniper rifle!

Once located, a helicopter is yours for the duration, whether that's simply because you give it up or it's shot down. Like players, a helicopter is not immune to the enclosing blue circle of death. It's controls will malfunction and eventually you'll crash down to earth.

Secondly, the helicopter comes with no weapons - no machine gun or rocket launchers. It does however come with additional space (seats) for your friends to come along for a ride. These friends can of course use the window space to take aim at enemies below.

On the controls front, you have buttons for Ascend, Descend, Strafe, Look, Switch Seats and Exit (which automatically deploys your wingsuit). The game will also tell you if an enemy has a missile lock on you.

When do helicopters spawn?

In my experience, helicopters have two kinds of spawn point: 1) Helipads and 2) spacious flat ground in a well defined area. By "well defined area" I'm talking about the named regions such as Factory, Array, Turbine etc. Don't expect to find vehicles in barren areas, far away from named regions.

Helicopters spawn into the map at the beginning of a match - it's therefore a race to grab one before other players do. To this effect, you'll often see players aiming directly for well known helipads and spawn points for vehicles.

Map locations for helicopters

As mentioned above, helicopters do spawn in flat areas, in the named map regions. There are no hard and fast locations for these kind of spawns but once your wingsuit is deployed try and scout the area below. I can't give you a list of these areas as they're random.

Conversely, there are four (which I've found so far) helipad locations which are fixed on the map. Upon starting a match, check the trajectory of the deployment choppers to see which region is within reach first. I'll show you exactly where these helipads are now...

Blackout Map

For reference, use the Blackout map overview below as a reference to pinpoint the place names I'm going to mention later.

Update: The map below now contains ALL helicopter spawn locations found over the last five days on constant Blackout gameplay. If you still want to see detailed spawn points, the maps towards the end of this post show the actual helipads.

Blackout map
Click for large version

Credit to reddit user sergii17

Helipad map locations


Factory helipad location

Helipad on south side of region. You should see turbines in the distance and the Steel Works sign on the building here. This is a great helipad if the deployment choppers come in from the south side of the world map.

Cargo Docks

Cargo Docks helipad location

Helipad on the south side of the docks, in the corner. A good helipad if the deployment chopper moves from west to east.


Estates helipad location

Eastern side of the estate there's a helipad. A good choice if the chopper starts from the top of the world map.


Turbine helipad location

South side of Turbine lies a large helipad with it's own path leading up to it.

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