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Jason Blundell has confirmed that "Perk Vapors" will be a new feature coming to Black Ops 4. This is a brand new zombies mechanic giving players the chance to customize the perks they want to bring into the zombies map beforehand. This is in contrast to the traditional Perk Machines that have featured in the older Treyarch zombies maps, where players would have to find and purchase perks after turning on the power.

During an E3 Coliseum slot, purposely designed to give individual games more screen time outside of the main shows, a small team of Treyarch creative professionals took to the screen to divulge more about Treyarch's plan for zombies this year and next.

Many expected the "godfather of zombies" to reveal what would be the fourth zombies map for Black Ops 4 and Jason did at least confirm the name (Classified) and the crew that we'll be playing (Ultimus). Alongside his fellow Treyarch professionals, Adam Rosas (animation director), Brian Tuey (audio director) and presenter Geoff Keighley, Jason talked openly about Treyarch's history and their plan for zombies content going forward.

The livestream started very slowly, with the Treyarch team accounting for the birth of COD zombies and how it originally made its way into the game. I'm sure most of us have heard the history of Treyarch zombies several times before and it wasn't until the second half of the stream when things actually got interesting. Not only did we hear small details about the fourth map but we got our first glimpse of the level of customization in Black Ops 4 zombies.

Perk Vapors

This brand new mechanic brings a whole new level of customization and choice to zombies fans. Alongside the ability to chose your starting weapon and even the special weapon you'll carry through the map, Perk Vapors give players the option to predefine which perks they want to start with.

In total there are 10 different Perk Vapors for players to chose from, selecting the ones they prefer to start the game with. It's highly likely that new Vapors are unlocked through future DLC and content updates.

More details coming soon...

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