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AP Points, Ascension and Nexus

AP Points, Ascension and Nexus

Ascension is one of the various character progression systems in FFXV. Players earn and spend AP Points in exchange for progressing the Ascension tree and permanently improving their characters abilities.

There are several Ascension trees in FFXV such as Magic, Recovery, Techniques etc. Each tree is made up of branches and nodes, with each node referred to as a Nexus.

Spending AP Points permanently unlocks a Nexus, which your character acquires for the rest of the game.

How do you get AP points?

AP Points are one of the games currencies along with EXP (experience) and Gill (money). AP is the hardest currency to earn and you should make focused attempts to earn this at every opportunity.

AP Points are obtained in the following ways:

  • Levelling up
  • Completing quests
  • Choosing beneficial dialogue choices
  • Using specific sequences of attacks (e.g warp strikes)
  • Completing combat challenges

During the early part of the game, combat challenges present an easy opportunity to earn AP. For example, during one of the games first skirmishes you must inflict five blows against an enemy. These challenges become progressively harder later in the game, offering a greater sense of reward for those few remaining Nexus unlocks that you desire the most.

Best Ascension Perks to unlock

There are a large number of Nexus to unlock in FFXV and many of the Perks you choose will be influenced by your play style and the direction you want to take your character.

However, there are a certain number of Nexus which are well worth the effort to unlock. The list below shows some of the games best Nexus.

For the early part of the game it is worth unlocking the Nexus which grants your character increased AP gains. Over time this Nexus will pay for itself many times over.

Complete list of the best Nexus coming soon...

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