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All Royal Arms and Royal Tomb Locations

All Royal Arms and Royal Tomb Locations

Final Fantasy XV contains a total of 13 Royal Arms which are hidden inside Royal Tombs. These special weapons are incredibly powerful but come with harmful HP side effects. In this guide you'll find all of the Royal Tomb locations on the map, helping you collect each of the Royal Arms.

In my opinion Royal Arms are extremely useful in small doses, particularly early in the game when your stats are somewhat limited. It's worth combing their usage with HP recovery items to compliment their negative side effects which deplete HP upon every successful strike.

Of the thirteen Royal Arms, seven are obtained through main missions whilst the rest are hidden in the game world.

Royal Arms List and Locations

The list below shows all of the Royal Arms and where not a Main quest reward, the map location and directions are provided.

Sword of the Wise

A sword that performs preemptive warp-strikes to close the distance quickly.
Main quest: Legacy.
Notable Stats: Attack (194), Max HP (100), Vitality (30), Magic (30), Spirit (30).

Axe of the Conqueror

A polearm that performs slow but powerful attacks at the expense of defence.
Main quest: The Power of Kings.
Notable Stats: Attack (483), Strength (60), Vitality (-60).

Bow of the Clever

Fires piercing arrows while offering the wielder the ability to move freely.
Royal Tomb: Balvoue Mines.
Notable Stats: Attack (203), Critical (7), Magic (80), Bullet (50).

Exact Location:

Balvoue Mines

Head to Balvoue Mines which is on the eastern side of the world map, south of Hammerhead. At the very end of the dungeon is a sealed door, with the prior alternative branch leading to the Royal Tomb.

Swords of the Wanderer

Dual swords that combine into one for a powerful strike.
Main quest: Sword in the waterfall.
Notable Stats: Attack (153), Vitality (50), Spirit (50).

Blade of the Mystic

Longsword which increases the wielder's strength through a self buff.
Main quest: The Archaean.
Notable Stats: Attack (396), Max HP (150), Vitality (30), Dark (20).

Star of the Rogue

Royal Tomb: The Myrlwood
Shuriken that deals multiple hits in rapid succession, either on different foes or different body parts of the same foe.
Notable Stats: Attack (177), Fire (20), Ice (20), Lightning (20).

Exact Location:

Myrlwood dungeon

In the far north western corner of the map lies Vesperpool and Myrlwood dungeon on the western side. Follow the dungeon path until you reach an open area containing a Treant creature that you must fight. Greatswords, Machinery and Fire are this foes weaknesses. Once defeated open the Tomb.

Sword of the Tall

Greatsword that deals multiple hits with each strike.
Royal Tomb: Castlemark Tower.
Notable Stats: Attack (518), Max HP (200), Spirit (-30), Fire (-40), Ice (-40), Lightning (-40), Dark (-40).

Exact Location:

Castlemark Tower

Head to the Castlemark Tower dungeon which is in The Fallgrove, roughly south east central on the world map. This is a level 60 dungeon so be prepared. The Royal Tomb isn't actually inside the dungeon but defeating the BOSS will reward you with the Sword of the Tall.

Shield of the Just

Enables HP recovery at the cost of MP (cover status).
Royal Tomb: Tomb of the Just.
Notable Stats: Attack (251), Max HP (500), Max MP (-50(, Strength (-100), Vitality (100), Bullet (10), Fire (10), Ice (10), Lightning (10), Dark (10).

Exact Location:

Tomb of the Just location

Head to the south west central region of the map, nearby Coernix Station (see image above). There is no dungeon here and the tomb is open early in the game.

Mace of the Fierce

Deals massive breakage to body parts/appendages.
Royal Tomb: Rock of the Ravatogh.
Notable Stats: Attack (334), Max HP (300), Bullet (-50).

Exact Location:

Ravatogh dungeon

Head to the Rock of Ravatogh dungeon which is on the far western side of the world map. Right at the end of this dungeon lies a nest and a larger open area. Navigate round the sides of this open area until the nest is behind you, look to the right for a narrow path leading to the Tomb.

Scepter of the Pious

Changes to different forms to provide a variety of attacks.
Royal Tomb: Malamam Thicket.
Notable Stats: Attack (237), Magic (150).

Exact Location:

Malmalam Thicket

Located in the far southeastern area of the world map lies the dungeon of Malmalam Thicket. Right at the end of the dungeon (in the open section) you will see a Bandersnatch guarding the tomb. Use Polearms, Machinery or Lightning to target this foes weaknesses.

Trident of the Oracle

A polearm that leaves an illusion of itself that continues to perform attacks.
Main quest: Breath of the Glacian.
Notable Stats: Attack (388), Max MP (60).

Katana of the Warrior

A longsword that deals sustained attacks are warmup.
Main quest: The hand of the king.
Notable Stats: Attack (361), Spirit (100). Fire (25), Ice (25), Lightning (25), Dark (-50).

Sword of the Father

Briefly increases strength after finisher moves.
Main quest: Zegnautus Keep.
Notable Stats: Attack (141), Strength (100), Magic (100).

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