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How to Get the Gravity Well Weapon and Upgrade It

How to Get the Gravity Well Weapon and Upgrade It

The Gravity Well is one of the game's machinery style weapons that sucks opponents into a gravity sphere with great effect. In this guide I'll show you exactly where to find this weapon and the steps required to upgrade it to Gravity Well Plus.

Like all machinery in the game, the Gravity Well has a charged/special attack that players can use by holding down the attack button for a sustained but brief period. Upon releasing the button, the Gravity Well shoots a kind of portal that sucks enemies into its void. It's particularly useful against mechs which are of course weak to machinery style weapons.

The only downside to the weapon is that like other machinery, it will impeded your ability to move swiftly and warp strike, and is most effective at closer range. This is compensated by having a great special attack that buys you alot of time.

Gravity Well Location

The most opportune moment to claim the Gravity Well is during Chapter 5, which leads you through the dungeon called Fociaugh Hollow. You can however return to this area anytime you want.


The sub quests in Chapter 5 are:

  • The Hexatheon's Blessing
  • The Trial of Ramuh
  • Engaging the Empire

Step by Step

1. Touch the Runestones

The Hexatheon's Blessing - quest start location

Go to the location shown by a yellow circle on the map above, just west of the entrance to Fociaugh Hollow. Speak to Umbra and touch the first two runestones. Commence "The Trial of Ramuh" quest and head into the dungeon in search of a third Runestone.

The dungeon structure is mostly linear but be prepared for a fight later. As you navigate your way through the tunnel network you'll eventually reach the large chamber and a fight against a Naga commences.

Following the fight, touch the third Runestone and complete "The Trial of Ramuh" quest.

2. Go to Aracheole Stronghold

The next quest called "Engaging the Empire" should now begin. Use your chocobo to navigate your way to Aracheole Stronghold, where the Gravity Well weapon is hidden.

3. Find the Gravity Well

As you explore the Aracheole Stronghold you'll come up against a MA-X Maniple and troops supporting it. Use the turret shown during the cutscene to advance from this section.

Next up is the MA-Veles bipedal tank which must be destroyed before you can reach the generator.

On the way towards the generator there is a large warehouse with a smaller control room that contains the Gravity Well. However, you can only collect the weapon by first destroying multiple MA-Veles bipedal tanks. I strongly recommend using a powerful Greatsword or a sufficiently advanced party.

If neither are available to you then return later in the game when you're ready.

How to upgrade

Our good friend Cid, introduced in Chapter 2, will help us upgrade the Gravity Well through one of his "Cid Sophiar Master Mechanic" sub quests.

The quest we're interested in is aptly named "A Better Gravity Well" and the upgrade components are a Hydraulic Cylinder.

Hydraulic Cylinder Locations

The Hydraulic Cylinder can be collected in two ways:

  1. Found north of Fort Vaullerey
  2. Dropped by a MA-X Patria (95% chance) - these imperial droids are dropped by landing crafts on the world map (after Chapter 5)

Fort Vaullerey - Hydraulic Cylinder Location

Fort Vaullerey - Hydraulic Cylinder Location

Fort Vaullerey is in the south western side of the world map, roughly north of Cape Caem. I have highlighted this region with a yellow circle on the map above.

The Hydraulic Cylinder is to the north of the fort, outside of the perimeter and north east of the parking spot.

Return the upgrade part to Cid to complete the upgrade and get your hands on the Gravity Well Plus.

Important: You MUST wait 2 x quests or hunts before the upgrade is available. It takes Cid some game-time between you handing in the material and him performing the upgrade.


The upgraded Gravity Well more than doubles the attack value and magic modifier:

  • Attack: 220
  • Magic Modifier: 18

All other stats remain at zero.

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