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How to Get the Regalia Type-F (Flying Car)

How to Get the Regalia Type-F (Flying Car)

The standard car in Final Fantasy 15 is a rather slow and painful experience. Wouldn't it be nice if you could actually fly over the map instead? Well, there is a way to do exactly that by following the steps contained in this guide and unlocking the Regalia Type-F flying car.

In addition to having an excellent flying vehicle that'll let you circumvent areas of the map, the Type-F is also the only way to reach one of the games secret dungeons (Pitioss Ruins) and complete the master hunt side quest.


Before we dig into the details for this unlockable flying car let's look for a moment at the pre-requisites.

Reach at least Chapter 8

The first of these pre-requisites asks you to complete up to at least Chapter 8 in the main story. Once you have reached that stage in the story, you have the option to go to Keycatrich Ruins and infiltrate the garrison.

Complete the game

The other requirement is unfortunately to complete the entire main story quests. This is the only way to activate the dialogue sequence with Cindy which allows you to upgrade the car.

Step by Step

1. Go to Keycatrich Ruins

Keycatrich Ruins - Map Location

The first step is to go to Keycatrich Ruins and infiltrate the Garrison which is part of the Level 46 quest called Formouth Garrison. The map above shows the location of Keycatrich Ruins which is not too far from the start of the game, to the north of The Wenverwilds and The Three Valleys.

See the image above for reference. You must have competed Chapter 8 by this stage.

2. Climb the tower

Keycatrich Ruins - Tower

Once at the garrison, use the quest marker or visually locate the small tower with stairs leading up. Regroup at the top of the tower to discuss the infiltration plan which requires you to enter the base undetected and destroy it. When the dialogue box appears, choose to "Begin the infiltration of Formouth Garrison".

3. Infiltrate the garrison

Use the cover of darkness to sneak into the base, detonate the target and complete the infiltration task.

4. Claim the Strange Engine

The reward from the quest is a simple but highly secret Strange Engine part. At this stage you will be wondering what this secret item actually does, but it's much later in the game when you'll be able to put it to use.

5. Complete the story missions

Now continue to complete the games main story missions and defeat the final BOSS.

6. Speak to Cindy

Cindy location

Now that the main quests are complete and you have effectively reached NG+, return to Cindy in Hammerhead and pass on the Strange Engine to her. In return you'll hear her say "Off you go now! I reckon you'll be seeing the world from a brand new point of view".

You can now change the car to flight mode whenever you like and literally take off into the air. Be careful though, failing to land the Type-F will result in gameover and a restart.

The quest "Into Unknown Frontiers" is now complete!

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