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Guide to Opening the Locked Gates in Dungeons

Guide to Opening the Locked Gates in Dungeons

Final Fantasy XV has some really clever and challenging dungeons to admire, many of which consume additional, and welcomed, hours of extra game time. However, you will no doubt have stumble upon one of the locked doors inside the dungeons with no obvious route leading you further inside.

This guide will help you understand why these locked doors/gates exist and how you can legitimately open them (without glitching through).

Heading through a locked door takes you deeper inside a dungeon, to a whole new area with unique enemies and extra rewards inside. These new areas certainly aren't for novice players or those with underleveled stats - you should be ready for some of the most difficult and rewarding challenges in the game!

How to open the locked doors

Although Final Fantasy XV has no official New Game+ mode (yet) there is a collection of post game content that includes extra hunts, a raid boss and most importantly for us here - sealed dungeons.

These sealed dungeons are a direct reference to the locked doors that you have encountered.

Sealed dungeons quests

Quest giver

Successfully completing all of the dungeons in FFXV will unlock brand new quests that challenge you to explore "sealed dungeons". The quests are available from hunter HQ and accepting them will add a special key to your inventory - a dungeon key that opens these locked gates!

Key dungeon quests

Here are all the key dungeon quest names together with the BOSS names:

  • A Menace Sleeps in the Grotto (Kengo BOSS)
  • A Menace Sleeps in Fociaugh (Chandravarma BOSS)
  • A Menace Sleeps in Daurell (Mahanaga BOSS)
  • A Menace Sleeps in Balouve (Psychomancer BOSS)
  • A Menace Sleeps in Steyliff (Mictlantecihuatl BOSS)
  • A Menace Sleeps in Crestholm (Manxom BOSS)
  • Menace Beneath Lucis (Jormungand BOSS)

The reward for completing the final quest "Menace Beneath Lucis" is the Hunters Medal. This medal can be used in spell crafting to create the highest tiered spells of Flare etc.

If you need map locations for all the dungeons then check the dungeon locations guide.

So there you have it, the key to opening these doors is simply to complete all of the standard dungeons and then check back at hunter HQ for the next step. I strongly recommend that you give these new dungeon areas a try because they contain some of the games best content, far better than the story itself.

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